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Makes the Game Dramatically clearer and crisper, brings out details in the textures that aren't visible unless up close normally

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Memorable Comments from Nexus Members:

"It's like you took a SweetFX rag and wiped the butter off my Skyrim." Blakon13

"...for some unexplained reason I seem to be getting a 1 to 3 fps boost..." edjon2000uk 

"Love these simple tweaks! The game now looks like it has an enb at times, crisp and clean. Endorsed!" supersnakelx 

"I rarely comment on mods commending them, but this is easily one of the simplest and best tweaks/tools i've added to my game so far.  Just astounding how much of a difference it makes. Thanks a lot for this, the detail is amazing." HydroDioxide 

Hello good Sirs & Madams! Just wanted to give a shout out to all of you that have taken the time to come back and endorse the mod!  You guys ROCK! Endorsing has helped others, like yourself stubble upon it. 

Adversely, If you feel the mod not for you please feel free to leave a comment as well, your constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcomed.  Perhaps I will be able to make something you love in the next release, using your feedback! 

As always, I will do my absolute best to be here for you guys and gals (Tech support).  Thank you all for trying out the MOD and revealing the strengths and capabilities of the framework! We would not be where we are today (with modding) with out your community feedback!

This removes the "washed out" look the game has, it also sharpens everything, and increases color fidelity without over-saturation. You will get the clarity back that FXAA / TAA removes, yet still maintain all smooth edges. It's the best of both worlds. I made sure to only use the shaders that have a minimum performance impact. I.E. on my 4 year old laptop, I only noticed a 1-2 fps drop overall running 7970m 2GB VRAM. In fact on Ultra settings, I gained 1 FPS in many areas. What sorcery is this?


  • Graphics junkies like myself, your mom & sister. (grandma can watch)
  • Peeps tired of a washed out ugly arse blurry world
  • Anyone finds themselves squinting at a monitor 2 feet from their faces

  • Your PC is held together by duct tape & willpower
  • You are at 30 fps, because come on 29 is just unplayable right?..RIGHT?
  • SweetFX / Reshade haters, their moms, sisters. (grandma can still watch)

  • Extremely Low performance hit
  • Runs 2-4 FPS Higher then when you Wrap SweetFX into ENB (Same settings DOF off) I'm not exactly sure why...
  • Removes washed out "effect"
  • Removes the fuzziness that FXAA / TAA introduces
  • Excellent color and fidelity. (Did my best to stay true to Bethesada's vision for the game)
  • Makes world text and textures "POP!"
  • No destructive effect on in game menu text
  • Compatible with all .ESM & .ESP mods
  • Will work in tandem with most ENB Presets (that use d3d11.dll API Hook)

  • Extremely Low performance hit
  • You need to manually install it. (due to NMM only allowing access to the Data folder - no root access)
  • Inside Shadowed areas darker. (Torch light recommended) - Baddies can actually sneak up on you now. #HorrorMovie

  • EXTRACT all files with 7zip. (32 or 64 bit is fine) don't run it inside the 7zip file. It will fail
  • Run "Reshade Setup" as Administrator (or the dll file will not get copied = CTD)
  • Click "Select Game"
  • drill down to your skyrim install folder (for most people it will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition)
  • Select SkyrimSE.exe
  • Done! Enjoy!

NOTE: The default toggle key to turn the effects on and off is INSERT.  This can be remapped in the SweetFX folder now in your Fallout 4 directory in Global_settings.txt. I use the insert key on my rig.  #define ReShade_ToggleKey  VK_INSERT


This is a Distribution with Sweet HD preset embedded. I am not the Dev of ReShade, Yet I will do my best to help you get your system working with ReShade. I work from 0600 CST to 1800 CST, Monday - Sunday, in bed by 2100 awake by 0300. I will do my best to get to your Comments. Questions, & Issues. Yet Don't hesitate to comment, I will make time.

If you have issues also try downloading the binarys from their site and test with stock settings. (I have included a blank preset in the download section) also, Update your GFX drivers, also try rolling back to a previous version