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More Colorful Critters
Author: Mentha
Version: 1.0
Release Date: October 04, 2015
SSE Release: October 29, 2016
Category: Alchemy


Skyrim SE


This is a small mod that adds new plants and critters to the Skyrim world.


Tired of running around catching bugs or shouting them out of the sky with fervor? Then this mod is not for you. More Colorful Critters, the last installment of the More Colorful series, adds new colored critters with ingredients using in game meshes with altered textures to make a bigger variety of ingredients and colors for the alchemist. Things you can do with the critters, play Russian roulette with your perfect looking plastic followers, kill yourself trying to find out the properties of each critter, learn 101 ways to skin a cat, practice your dragonese, impress your friends, research TES lore, fill your house with bug jars, and spend an eternity at the alchemy table. Sound like fun? then this mod is for you. 

I recolored these critters so I would not get bored while practicing the art of Fus Ro Dah, but have decided to release them for anybody wanting a little color or wanting to practice their shouts too. I do realize some colors do not match the file names, but if it bothers you that much you can change the names. No the ingredients do not give super powers or new properties. I'm not sure how the scaling goes for alchemy effects, so they *could* be overpowering, but that was not intentional. They use vanilla alchemical attributes so you will end up with multiple ingredients that have the same 4 attributes. 

All form lists and bug spawn points are new so there should be little conflict except where the bug jars come in. They may conflict with mods that revamp the furniture of vanilla houses. If you feel overwhelmed with trying to catch all the critters, just shout at them and they will fall to the ground. They are not high res so they should not not cause too much lag like some of the other bug mods. It also adds over 500 hand placed alchemy plants to many of the Skryim worldspaces.

XBox 1 review by KK1349

Review by Killerkev

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Change log:
Final version
Fixed the fish jars so they will not crash wen dropped. 

Fixed the meshes so the flowers disappear upon harvest
Fixed floating plants outside Whiterun

Reduced spawn count by half
Updated the textures to be the same size as SSE textures
Removed critter spawns from Karthspire and Giant's Grove since they were causing an error
Removed bug jar from Karthspire and added it to another cell
Added more plants around Skyrim (now just over 1000 hand placed plants)

1.01 (A)
Fixed unknown water edits


Q & A

Q; Will it replace any textures in game?
A: No

Q: They no called critters. You need change the name.  
A: Open the Creation Kit, yes they are. 

Q: More bugs/less bugs? 
A: Take what you can get or learn how to edit esp's and fix it yourself.

Q: Will you re-texture X? 
A: Maybe if I feel like it. All you can do is ask.

Q: Can I use this in my mod?
A: Ask
Q: Your work sucks.
A: Go troll somebody else. 

Q: Do you know the meaning of life?
A: Yes, you need to find it out for yourself, though.


1) Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into a temporary folder
2) Cut & Paste files to your Data folder
3) Turn on the mod or use the CK to add the items to your mod. 
4) Have fun


1) Delete the files associated with the mod
2) Remove any meshes used from your .esp


Any mod that changes the placement of vanilla furniture. 


none, except the good kind.


To The Good Lord 
Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Special shout out to skinnytecboy & Arron Dominion for the encouragement and the comments about Skyrim needing more critters. :P

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