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Simple mod delaying progress in The Companions questline in order to make the Dragonborn a regular, well-established member before actually becoming part of The Circle or even Harbinger.

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I always felt like the Dragonborn's career in The Companions guild was way too vertical, so I created this mod for myself and eventually decided to share with this fantastic community.
Do you feel the same way? Roleplaying as a character, which is still a member of the Companions, yet not a werewolf or even their leader?
Then this mod is for you!

Inspired by the "Not So Fast"-Series.

What it does in game:
You will now have to do many more radiant quests (Animal Extermination, Hired Muscle, Trouble in Skyrim etc.) in order to get through the whole Companions questline. Earn your status!
Focusing very much on the first part with you as a regular member and not being part of The Circle, which is only reserved for the leaders.

How exactly does it do that:
- No change until the end of Take up Arms, so you will prove you are worthy just like in vanilla.
- Before being asked to talk to Skjor to get the Wuuthrad fragment (Proving Honor), you will now have to do 3 radiant quests instead of 1.
- Do another 6 radiant quests (Vanilla: 1) and only then you will be sent to Gallows Rock by Aela (The Silver Hand) and in its outcome become a member of The Circle / a Werewolf.
- Blood's Honor will finally trigger after doing 3 radiant quests instead of 2. I did not alter any other requirements, so make sure at least one of those is given by Aela.
- Continue the story just like in vanilla and become a highly esteemed Harbinger.

Make sure to install before starting Take up Arms.

Not tested, but most probably safe anytime. Definitely before Take up Arms and after Blood's Honor.

Anything that doesn't alter literally the same quests.

Load Order:
Doesn't matter. Let LOOT decide, if in doubt.
Can be merged into a Bashed Patch.

Feel free to do anything.