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Dragons receive half as much damage, deal twice as much damage. Some unique dragons were toughened, including Alduin. Minor changes to some shouts Dragons use to increase the challenge. In the Lite version they do only 50% more damage, except Alduin. In the hardcore version, all dragons take only 1/5 of all the damage, 1/10 in case of Alduin.

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Really simple mod that makes ALL dragons receive half as much damage (1/4 of damage in the case of Alduin), and deal double damage (50% more in the Lite version, with the exception of Alduin, which does double damage). In the Hardcore version, all of them take only 1/5 of all damage (1/10 in the case of Alduin).

Also significantly toughens up Alduin, Durnehviir, the Skeletal Dragon and the dragon in Blackreach. Slightly improves vanilla elemental shouts of Dragons.

Race records were not touched.


Level set to 100
Health is 5000

Receives 75% less damage from all sources (the original was 50% from all sources. 90% less damage with the hardcore version.

Melee attacks from Alduin are extremely weak (trolls hit harder than him), because he doesn't have a bonus to unarmed damage like the rest of dragons. Fixed that by adding the maximum bonus dragons can get (+175 bonus). Now he hits slightly harder than legendary dragons.

His Shouts are weaker than the Legendary Dragon's, I fixed that as well. Now they are deleveled and slightly better than the Legendary Dragon's.

His Fire Storm shout is leveled and very weak (max of 23 fire damage). Now it always does 40 points of Fire damage and 10 of generic magic damage. Also the area of effect is slightly bigger.

Immunity to Fire, 50% resistance to Frost, 33% to Magic, immunity to disease and poison.


Both versions of the dragon are very weak, with low health, they don't have the perk that limits damage coming from NPC's and are significantly inferior to Odahviing.

Health of the Soul Cairn version is about 3800,  the summoned version has about 3500, which is roughly Revered Dragon level.

His Drain Vitality shout is of Legendary Level.

His Frost Breath shout does 80 points of Frost damage per second + 20 of Health Absorption.

His summons last twice as long and are much higher level. He summons an additional boneman.

Has the following resistances: 75% Frost Resist, Immunity to disease and poison, 25% weakness to Fire.


Normally he would be at Ancient Dragon levels at most, but now he will be Revered in terms of power; has about 3800 Health. He will be able to cast both Fireballs and Drain Vitality (note that his Drain Vitality is not voiced), though his Drain Vitality is a bit less powerful than Durnehviir's.

Skeletal Dragon (Labyrinthian)

Reduced weakness to Magic to 50%.
Added immunity to Frost, Shock, Disease and Poison. 50% Weakness to Fire.
Moves 10% faster.
Has 1250 Health and benefits from the damage reduction perk the rest of the dragons have.

Vulthuryol (Blackreach Dragon)

The dragon was of Ancient level in terms of health, but the shouts he had were the weakest and he lacked the damage-reducing perk that all dragons have. I corrected that.

Miscellaneous changes:

- The Frost Breath of Dragons have a condition that prevents the slow effect from affecting the player. What kind of nonsense is that? That's for wimps. I removed the condition, and I also added a slow effect to the Ice Storm shout they have. Alduin's version of those two slow down by 75%. Also, their Frost and Fire Breath leave a trail of ice crystals or flames that deal 16 Frost/Fire damage and last for 15 seconds.

- Drain Vitality lets Durnehviir, Revered and Legendary dragons absorb some health from their enemies.