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  • Solitude Docks Initial Release

    Here is my initial release of my very own Solitude Docks. I've learned a lot making this mod such as location types, lock lists and LOD. I hope this initial release goes over well and everyone enjoys a more vanilla approach to the docks. I wanted this to feel like it was always apart of Solitude. I didn't want 30,000 square feet of harbor with 20 ships and 50 NPCs. I wanted something to compliment Solitude. There are a lot of vendors in my docks yes, but they are mostly general item vendors. This will force you into the city for more specialized items. This way my docks aren't over shadowing the city itself.

    Across the bay from the town you will find a small tower that guards the arch of Solitude in order to keep Stormcloak saboteurs from knocking the arch down and destroying t...