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A significant boost to vanilla diseases in order to make them something you should probably address, instead of a meaningless bother.

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Rockjoint -> Reduces melee weapon damage by 50% (was 25%). Transmitted by wolves, foxes and traps.

Bone Break Fever -> Reduces Stamina by 100 (was 25) and Stamina Regeneration by 75% (not multiplicatively). Transmitted by bears and traps.

-> Reduces ability in Pickpocketing and Lockpicking by 60% (it was 25%). I think this will make picking locks of Adept and higher levels very, very difficult. Transmitted by traps and skeevers.

Brain Rot
--> Reduces Magicka by 100 points (it was 25). Transmitted by traps and Hagraven.

Sanguinare Vampiris -> Reduces Health by 70 (was 25) and stops Health Regeneration completely. Transmitted by vampires and traps.
Be warned that this means that if you suddenly get the disease when your health is 70 or lower, you'll die.

Rattles -> Reduces (multiplicatively) Stamina Regeneration by 75% (was 50%). Transmitted by chaurus and traps.

-> Magicka Regeneration is 6 times slower (was half as fast). Transmitted by traps and sabre cats.

Droops -> This is basically a weaker version of Rockjoint, but now reduces melee weapon damage by 30% (was 15%). Transmitted by ash hoppers.

Black Heart Blight -> Reduces Carry Weight by 100 (was 10, i.e. meaningless) and Stamina by 70. Transmitted by ash spawn if you use Cutting Room Floor.

If you use the other main file:

Weakened Soul -> 100% less regeneration (not multiplicative) and -75 to Health, Magicka and Stamina.