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Makes some tweaks to some races (animals and dragons not included) and creatures to fit my preferences. Venomous creatures are much deadlier, undead are more resistant to the cold, skeletons are sturdier, trolls regenerate much faster, etc. Also toughens up Boss type enemies, like Vyrthur, the Ebony warrior, etc.

Permissions and credits
Made some changes to some creatures I deemed needed some tweaks to make them a bit more interesting or challenging. Boss type characters are also toughened up (WIP).

Will not make any changes to animals or dragons, there are plenty of mods for that.

For animals I strongly recommend SkyTest (be warned however that it was not made to be compatible with USSEP), it's an excellent mod.

For dragons I recommend Serio's Enhanced Dragons to make the fights more interesting and any mod that makes them a bit more beefy.

Frostbite Spider

Spiders are much sturdier, in my view they are too weak and does not fit giant arachnids that are strong enough to move like they do.
Their venom is stronger, but much slower. They inject more poison when they bite.

Small spiders have a minimum of 100 points of health, their poison spit does 20/40 poison damage to Health and Stamina in 20 seconds, 30/60 if the poison was injected with a bite.

Medium spiders have a minimum of 250 points of health, their poison spit does 30/60 poison damage to Health and Stamina in 20 seconds, 50/100 if the poison was injected with a bite.

Giant spiders have a minimum of 400 points of health, their poison spit does 40/80 poison damage to Health and Stamina in 20 seconds, 70/140 if the poison was injected with a bite.

Note: For consistency, I modified the Frostbite Poison bottles to do 40/80 points of damage to Health and Stamina in 20 seconds (was 20/20 to Health and Stamina in 5 seconds), which means their drops are a bit more useful.


Their venom is extremely deadly and fast-acting, also decreases the effectiveness of your armor (lore suggests their venom is acidic), so be careful and don't get showered by several chaurus at the same time if you want your armor to do something.

Weak chaurus
: their poison spit does 35 poison damage in 5 seconds and reduces armor by 50 points for 30 seconds. Their bite does 40 points of poison damage in 5 seconds, without damaging armor.

Stronger chaurus
: their poison spit does 60 points of poison damage in 6 seconds, reduces armor by 50 points for 30 seconds. Their bite does 70 points of poison damage in 7 seconds, but does not damage armor.

Chaurus Hunters: their poison spit does 65 points of poison damage in 5 seconds, reduces armor by 75 for 30 seconds. Their bite does 90 points of poison damage in 6 seconds, but does not damage armor.

Other than that, the Reaper variant gets a +100 Health boost which makes them a bit tougher than the Hunter Fledging. 

Don't forget to bring poison resistance gear and antidotes...


I like the idea of trolls having superfast regeneration like it happens in other fantasy worlds, and a higher weakness to Fire (in some D&D games they can't even be killed if you don't burn them).

- All trolls get 50 extra points of Health.
- They do their taunt animations less frequently (so they focus more on beating you to a pulp).

Regular trolls

Regenerates 6 points of health per second.
Weakness to Fire increased to -75%
15% bigger.

Frost Troll

Regenerates 12 points of health per second.
Weakness to Fire increased to -100%
Frost Resistance increased to 50%
18% bigger.

Udefrykte (Frost Troll)

He's supposed to be a somewhat legendary troll, so I upped his stats and attack damage a bit.

Level 22->30
+100 Stamina
+110 Health
Hits 50% harder.
Staggers 25% more and is staggered 25% less.

If you're low level you might want to sneak past it.

So now it is more important than ever to use overwhelming force to kill them and DoT effects, like Marked for Death (because they do not regenerate if they are losing health).


Almost all undead (vampires not included) have 75% resistance to frost and total immunity to poison (some of them had no resistance to it, believe it or not) and disease, with the following exceptions:

Dragon Priests have 50% Frost Resistance
All ghostly undead have immunity to Frost, like the ghostly Draugr in Labyrinthian, or the undead minions of Malkoran in Mount Kilkreath.

Skeletons have a minimum of 50 health.
Armored skeletons have a minimum of 100 health.

Bonemen have a minimum of 75 health (summon included)
Mistmen have a minimum of 50 health and 75 magicka and they have natural waterwalking (summon included).
Wrathmen have a minimum of 125 health and 100 stamina (summon included).


Wispmothers are a sort of a special case. They are so unique and so extremely difficult to encounter, that I felt I had to make them a bit more special and challenging.

Level is now: 40 (was 28)
Immune to Frost and 33% resistant to Magic.
Has 225 more points of Health and 100 more Magicka.
10% faster.

Her spell Ice Volley is more dangerous:

Damage to Health&Stamina increased to 80 (was 70)
Slows down targets by 60% for 8 seconds (was 30% for 2 seconds).
Very likely to stagger whatever it hits.

Her Shades (the clones she can spawn) are faster and a bit more sturdy:

New level: 10 (was 5)
Has 70 more Health.
25 more Magicka.
15% faster (it was originally much slower than the Wispmother)

Dragon Priests

All Dragon Priests now have 2000 Health and are level 60, like the Dragonborn DLC priests.
They move 25% faster.
+300 Magicka

Added a variety of perks to all Dragon Priests to enhance their spellcasting, and to some of them some spells that seemed to be missing.

Malkoran's Shade

Now it's level 40.
+300 Magicka
+200 Health
25% faster

Added perks:

· Necromancy
· Dark Souls
· Augmented Frost, Shock and Flames
· Ward Absorb


It should be a boss, so...

Renamed just because to "The Reaper of Souls"
+200 Health and Stamina
25% faster.
Minimum level: 30
Max level: 150
Level multiplier: 2.00

Wields a Daedric-level ghostly battleaxe that drains 30 Health and Stamina, and damages Magicka by 50. Not playable.
Incoming stagger reduced by 50%, stagger increased by 40%
25% more damage with weapons.
Has perk Limbsplitter (Rank 3)

Immune to frost, poison and disease.
30% magic resistance
+200 armor.


They should be boss-like, so...

+100 Health
+150 Armor
Immune to Frost, Poison and Disease
25% Faster
Minimum Level: 25
Maximum Level: 90
Level multiplier: 1.75

Incoming stagger reduced by 50%, stagger increased by 40%
The three have an extra perk that benefits the weapon they use.
Immunity to force attacks and paralysis. The keeper can no longer be cheesed with Unrelenting Force.

Ice Wraiths

They are meant to be a bit dangerous if the Stormcloaks demand you kill one to prove your worthiness.

Level is now 15.
+70 Health and +20 Stamina.
Melee damage increased by 5.
They move 50% faster.
Fire Weakness increased to 50%.

Arch-Curate Vyrthur

New minimum level: 60
Nex max level: 100
Level multiplier: 1.25

+35 Health
+100 Magicka
+250 Stamina (default was 50, and it never increased with level)

Added Perks: Fighting Stance, Atronach, Deep Freeze, Elemental Potency, Windwalker and Savage Strike.

Inventory: 3 more beneficial potions, 4 more precious gems.

Weapon: Now it has a custom elven dagger that has a base damage of 10, a stagger value of .25, 10% more likely to critically hit, a reach of .75, 4000 charges, with a enchantment of 30 Health absorption, 50% slow effect for 3 seconds, and 30 Frost Damage. Cannot be disenchanted.


New min level: 60
Nex max level: 120
Level multiplier: 1.50

+100 Health
+200 Magicka
+200 Stamina (humanoid form)
Moves 25 points faster

Added Savage Strike perk to the humanoid version.

Frost Atronach

Unarmed damage increased from 20 to 30. I think it should have a bit more for a melee-focused atronach. Now it's equal to the Storm Atronach, which doesn't use melee too much anyway.

Staggers 25% more with its attacks, incoming stagger reduced by 25%. Feels appropriate for an ice behemoth of sorts.

This applies to all Frost Atronachs, summoned or not.

Flame Atronach

Increased the damage they cause when they explode from 10 to 40, so now they'll do something besides singing your beard after death.

(not including Karstaag)

Immune to paralysis. So the only ways to make them stop chasing you is by stagger or by a push effect.
+150 Health

Combine with Wildcat to make them really formidable.

Dwarven Centurions

+200 Health bonus to all centurions.
All of them stagger 25% more and are staggered 25% less.
Combine with Wildcat to make them really formidable.

The Forgemaster

+450 Health boost. It's supposed to be an unique boss, so yeah.
50% faster.

Level will be your level multiplied by 1.5, minimum level 36, maximum 60. 

Dwarven Spiders

Increased the damage they do when they die from 10 to 40. Depending on your difficulty, and how many are attacking you at once, this should make them either an actual threat, or a nightmare.

Magic Anomalies

They leveled infinitely, reaching stupid amounts of health. Annoying. Level is now always 30.

Ebony Warrior

Renamed to "The Ebony Warrior" because I feels a bit more epic like that.

New min level: 90
Max level: 150
Level multiplier: 1.10

It will cast Ebonyflesh instead of Ironflesh, which seems fitting, making him even more resistant to damage.

Inventory: Added 5 more Health potions, 7 more ebony arrows, added a superior tier of the same shield (adds more Frost Resistance).


Miraak does not eff around now:

+200 Magicka
+100 Stamina
+850 Health

Minimum level: 100 (was 35)
Maximum level: 200 (was 150)
Level is your two times your current level.
Does 75% more damage with Shouts (careful with those flames).
Moves 10% faster.

Added the following perks:

· Magic Resistance (Rank 3)
· Atronach
· Regeneration
· Bladesman (Rank 3)
· Disintegrate
· Augmented Flames and Shock (Rank 2)
· Ward Absorb
· Recovery
· Intense Flames & Disintegrate
· Force Without Effort

Also, his spells are unleveled, so he'll be able to use any of them no matter what your level is. Added these spells:

· Fireball
· Incinerate
· Close Wounds
· Summon High Seeker
· Thunderbolt

As an aside, he'll be even more powerful if you use my mods Uniques Tweaked and Shout Tweaks (more powerful weapons and shouts).

Last but not least, Guild Questline bosses like Ancano and Mercer were also buffed significantly but not too dramatically.

That's all for now.
Suggestions and feedback are all welcome. Tell me if anything seems too much or out of balance, or not lore-friendly, or whatever.