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This mod resets NPC's inventory a few days after you pickpocket them.

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  • This mod resets NPC's inventory 40 hours Skyrim time or 7200 seconds real world time after you pickpocket them (if you change your timescale, the time ratio will be different).
  • It will respawn the NPC's original inventory 40 hours Skyrim time or 7200 seconds real world time after the first time you've pickpocketed them since the last reset.
  • This means they will get their clothes, weapons, jewelry, and food back.
  • Some NPCs have leveled (random) items in their inventory. This mod will respawn these items randomly.
  • It also means if you've reverse pickpocket something into a NPC while pickpocketing something from them, your item will be gone when their inventories reset, so don't reverse pickpocket anything you want to keep.
  • ESL-flagged
  • No vanilla forms modified. Can't conflict.
How it works
  • When you pickpocket an NPC, the NPC gets a spell cast on them that expires in 40 hours Skyrim time or 7200 seconds real world time. When this spell expires, their inventory is reset.
  • This solution maintains individual countdowns for each NPC without using events or waits, so it won't cause any stack dumping due too many concurrent scripts.
  • I haven't really thought about how this might break quests. Are there quests that depend on certain NPCs not retaining their original inventory? There are too many variables to consider.
  • Does this mean you can pickpocket some rare item from an NPC and get several copies? Possibly.
  • If you've already pickpocketed some NPCs, they will not respawn their items after this mod has been installed unless you pickpocket them again. If you really wish to pickpocket them again, use console command resetinventory on them
  • Wait until all affected NPC's inventories are reset before uninstalling/upgrading.