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This mod simply removes the block that prevented the Perfect Touch perk from working on essential NPCs

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Ever find it funny how the Perfect Touch perk only works for people you have no intention of using it on? I thought the original purpose of the perk was so you could acquire unique armors, unobtainable in the vanilla game (for the most case), but I guess Bethesda had other plans.

In any case, with this mod, you can pickpocket the clothes off anyone you wish, provided you have higher than a 0% chance (I didn't touch the percentages), and even then, anything is possible with a tactical paralysis potion. This means that if you see a piece of unique armor you want, you can have it, no matter who's wearing it!

Now a word of warning, the way this perk works in vanilla Skyrim works that way for a reason. I don't personally know why, but it's probably something along the lines of those armors being rare for the sake of being rare, and if you could just steal them over and over it wouldn't really make them rare. If you're okay with those armors losing their actual value then go ahead and use this mod, but I'd just suggest thinking twice. There's also the possibility that looting certain armors from certain NPCs may cause problems, but I can't confirm that (and it's unlikely). Who knows really, Bethesda crazy sometimes.

Also a tip, to get an NPC's inventory to refresh you have to clear it out. That means take EVERYTHING and leave for 24 hours. Enjoy! :) 

This mod will be incompatible with anything that changes the Perfect Touch perk, meaning it probably won't work. It might work if you place it lower than the other mod, but I'm not sure how that would affect the other mod.

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