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Total ALL Skyrim region signs' overhaul - in 2K or 4K resolution! SEVERAL other mods have been covered with patches!

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LH's HD Unique Inn-Shops Signs Remaster

I was working on another project (Soul Cairn retexturing) of mine, when I noticed (detailed this time) some inns/tavern/shops' signs. Even with some mods I was using, I saw them carefully and I decided I didn't like them much. So... I started a new project: to make ALL SKYRIM's sings of my own!!!

I tried to cover EVERYTHING of EVERY sign. If I missed some, PLEASE inform me to cover them too (but I think I covered all).
Also..., PLEASE..., if there are mods that overhauling a town/city or adding new things or... or... and THERE ARE SINGS in these mods, I would love to have their diffuse file to make PATCHES for every of these mods - to make their signs "matching" my style, so you'll have EVERYTHING (including other mods) with a similar style (mine). For example, I'm using the "Better Cities - Solitude" and that mod adds some new buildings (like a Book-Store); I don't have these diffuse files, to make these signs too...

I have the vanilla MESHES too, because I edited them a bit - the vanilla meshes using single normal maps (and I made individual normal maps for every sign). I also made a couple ALTERNATIVE signs (one extra for Riverwood's Trader and one extra for Windhelm's Inn). I may add new (alternative) signs to other places too. (The meshes now are SEPARATED from the textures, as Optional file).

All signs are super lore-friendly (since I HATE anything that changes different the Skyrim game). I kept for most of the signs a same/similar CONCEPT; most of the signs are more or less the same design with different style and artwork (and additional elements). BUT, I've changed A LOT (or completely) some of the signs, since I found the very boring or wrong design's choices... For example, that silly "Alchemy" vanilla design, with the cup and the smoke; I made a VERY "notorious" design ("Illuminati" eye) and I placed also the GLOBAL ANCIENT symbol of alchemy/magic. Or, another example, for the "Four Shields Tavern"; why to place... 4 shields in a single sign and not make a CLASSIC FOUR CRESTS' shield with four different crests???

So... I hope to enjoy the mod and gimme feedback if you like it.

PS.1.: Due to Nexus site's uploader issues, I can't upload yet the 4K resolution - I hope soon (I send the file to the moderators).
PS.2.: The STABLES signs is been tiny changed - so check the USERS' IMAGES to see the exact/new signs of the Stables.

It seems the 4K resolution version is been uploaded!!!!! Great! Get that version, for the best quality.

SEVERAL mods have now PATCHES for their signs: 

  • Beyond Skyrim Bruma
  • Inns and Tavers
  • Legacy of Dragonborn
  • The House of Troubles Wilderness Hostel
  • Books of Skyrim
  • More Inns
  • SeePoint Settlement SSE
  • Cake O' Clock Bakery (Oldrim)

More PATCHES will coming up!