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Staves and Scrolls benefit from perks and are as powerful as the vanilla Spells, makes minor tweaks to vanilla spells and fixes some bugs that I found in the process (in the three categories). I also added a few new spells; optional.

Permissions and credits
This is a collection of tweaks or fixes to spells, staves and scrolls,  wherever I found something that could be improved. No drastic changes, as I don't want to break the balance of the game, I want to keep a vanilla feel.

Every staff and scroll matches now the power of the base spell (that means most of them are now way more potent) and benefits from perks. This increase will not result in fewer charges for Staves, I made sure they were left identical, without editing the staves themselves.

Also added some a variety of new spells too, but there's also a version without the spells, only the fixes and tweaks.



Flesh Spells (Dragonhide not included)

Spell: No changes.
Scroll: The scroll versions are simply, utterly ridiculous. 35 is the armor Ebonyflesh gives you. Seriously, wth? Now you can benefit from Mage Armor perks, if you have 'em, and the armor it grants you is the same as the spell counterpart.

Detect Life

Spell: No changes
Scroll: Duration increased to 30 seconds, 15 seems a bit too low for one scroll.

Mass Paralysis

Spell: No changes.
Scroll: Duration increased to that of the spell counterpart, 15 seconds (was 10).


Summon Atronach/Reanimation Spells

Spell: Storm Thralls get Chain Lightning back, a spell that they lost in the process of becoming thralls, it seems. Flame Atronachs do 40 points of fire damage upon death, instead of 10, which at most would singe your beard.

Staves & Scrolls: The power of all reanimation spells was increased to match the spell counterparts (seriously, the Dead Thrall scroll had a level cap of 15 wtf). All scrolls and staves of Summon Atronach benefit from Elemental Potency, so if you have it, you will get a Potent Atronach.

Banish/Expel Daedra

Spell: No changes
Staff & Scroll: Levels caps increased to match spell counterparts, also added the Damage Daedra effect that was missing in all of them (why, just... why..?).

Summon Boneman/Mistman/Wrathman

I believe they are a bit underpowered because their power cannot be increased with vanilla perks, and very slightly with Ordinator. The good thing about them is that you can heal them with necromantic healing, but that applies to reanimated corpses, so, it's not that special.

Also increased the range of the spells by 150% (+36 feet) because for god knows what reason, Ordinator does not benefit undead summons with Planemeld either.


  • New level: 16 (was 6)
  • Health increased from 140 to 180.
  • Stamina increased from 205 to 255.
  • Has perk Overdraw (Rank 1)
  • Will use Supple Ancient Nord Bow and Nordic arrows.
  • Now it will engage in melee combat if needed with a Honed Draugr Sword

Flame Atronachs did more damage anyway, because they are much more aggressive and have a higher rate of fire. Now hopefully the arrows will make up for it.


  • New level: 18 (was 12)
  • Health increased from 490 to 500 (was pretty good anyway)
  • Magicka Increased from 210 to 280
  • Moves 50% faster (the intention is to make him more mobile while he casts spells, like a frost version of the Flame Atronach)
  • Has the Deep Freeze and Augmented Frost (Rank 1) perk


  • New level: 40 (was 30)
  • Will do more damage, as now it has 100 skill in two-handed weapons.
  • Health increased from 800 to 860
  • Added a perk that reduces incoming stagger by 40% and increases stagger it can cause by 30%
  • Added Deep Wounds, Limbsplitter, Skullcrusher. All Rank 2.
  • Increased stamina from 475 to 525

Compared to the Dremora Lord, the Wrathman has much more Health (more than double), but he is easily overwhelmed because it is far less aggressive and its attacks are less punishing. Now it does a bit more damage and it is much less likely to have his attacks interrupted and more likely to interrupt others.

This does not mean it would defeat a Dremora Lord in a 1vs1 combat. Actually, 8/10 times the Dremora will win because it blocks attacks and uses power attacks constantly. Still, you can heal this one, a lot. It's an excellent summon if you can heal it.

If you feel they are too powerful or whatever, tell me.

Summon Flaming Familiar

- Added invisible 12 feet Flame Cloak on him.
- Immune to Fire.
- It moves 100% faster so it reaches enemies faster to explode in their faces.

I do not understand yet how the damage from the explosion is calculated to be honest. If I ever figure out how that's calculated, I might tweak that as well.

Summon Dremora Lord

Now he uses a Dremora Daedric Helmet as well. Kinda fitting since he is a "Lord". This means of course his armor rating will be a bit higher.

Summon Seeker

Now you can summon a Seeker Aspirant if you have the Elemental Potency Perk. To compensate, it is more expensive than before.


For all versions: Wall spells have been slightly enhanced. The direct damage they do is 8/s, similar to Flames/Frostbite/Sparks. I felt that an Expert spell should do a bit more damage, even if direct damage is a secondary thing of the spell (the main point is to spawn hazards for enemies to step on), so  I increased direct damage slightly to 12/s, like a 50% more powerful concentration novice spell. Enough to make a small difference, but nothing OP.

Scrolls & Staves: Matched the power of them all to the spell counterparts. Also, all of them benefit from Intense Flames, Deep Freeze or Disintegrate, where appropriate. 

Also did you know that the Scroll version of Ice Spike and the Staff version of Chain Lightning have a stagger effect? 


Fury/Frenzy, Calm/Pacify,  Fear/Rout

Spell: No changes
Staff & Scroll: All of them are as powerful as the spell version and benefit from Master of the Mind.

Harmony, Mayhem and Hysteria

Spell: No changes
Scroll: Matched the power to the spell counterparts, they benefit from Master of the Mind. Added "ignore line of sight" (spell ignores obstacles) flag for Harmony and Hysteria, like the spell counterparts and the scroll of Mayhem. I've no idea why they left the scroll counterparts of those two spells without that benefit, guess it was an oversight by the USSEP team. 


Spell: No changes
Scroll: Kinda baffled this is not fixed yet. It is nowhere near the power of the spell counterpart, and it doesn't even give Health & Stamina benefits at all. Corrected that, and also added benefits for those that have the Master of the Mind perk.

Rally & Call to Arms

For all versions: I wanted to make the power gap between them and Courage bigger so now Rally grants 50 points of Health and Stamina, and Call to Arms grants 100. I think that makes them much more valuable spells, particularly because they stack with each other. Also, Call to Arms ignores LOS, that way you can make sure every ally in the vicinity will be affected.

Fixed effects added by USSEP to the scroll version of Call to Arms not having any area of effect at all (therefore useless).


Heal Undead & Necromantic Healing


They are supposed to Restore Stamina to the Undead if you have the Respite Perk, but they don't, because the effect they use is the same that is applied to regular Healing spells, that can only be applied to the living. 
That means that you can restore stamina to the living with it, but not to the undead. Fixed that by duplicating the effect and adding conditions to ensure only undead may benefit from it.

Also added a copy of Heal Undead to the Soul Cairn. You'll find one near Valerica. (Only in the main version)

Fast Healing & Close Wounds

Spell: No changes
Scroll: Now it benefits from the Respite perk if you have it, and healing increased to match the spell counterpart.

Grand Healing

Spell & Scroll: Added the Ignore Line of Sight flag, to maximize the chances of healing your allies, because the behaviour of the spell is a little wonky and you might not heal someone that is standing literally two inches from your face.

Healing Hands & Heal Other

Spell: No changes
Staff: Now they benefit from the Respite perk if you have it, and healing was increased to match the spell counterpart.
Scroll (Heal other): Matches the spell counterpart and benefits from the Respite perk if you have it. 

Turn Lesser/(Regular)/Great Undead

Spell: No changes.
Scroll: The stagger effect in the medium and great version makes sense, 75 and 100 points respectively. But for whatever reason the Lesser version has a value of 100, even in the Unofficial Patch, so I reduced that to 50, because it doesn't make sense otherwise. Increased the power up to the spell counterparts.
Staff: Increased the power up to the spell counterparts.

Repeal (Lesser) Undead

For all versions: It makes zero sense to me that an AoE spell that can turn multiple undead targets at once always staggers as much as the most powerful Turn Undead spell. The ability to turn multiple targets at once should be what compensates the fact that the spell staggers with less potency. So now the Lesser version has a stagger value of 30; the regular version, 50.

Scroll & Staff: Matched the power to the spell counterpart.

Circle of Protection

Spell: No changes
Scroll: Matched power to spell counterpart.

Guardian Circle

Spell: No changes.
Scroll: Matched duration to the spell counterpart.


(Only in main file)


Heal Undead Minions

This is basically a version of Grand Healing that does not heal you, but heals any undead ally in the vicinity (20 feet). Ignores line of sight, and is affected by Respite. Excellent if you play as a necromancer.

You'll find the spell in the Soul Cairn, behind a chest. Explore.

Sun Rune

Basically like other runes but it does 50 points of Solar (i.e. magic) damage that only affects Undead.
Credits for this goes to Elianora, as I used her resources to include it in the mod.

Sold by Florentius in Dawnguard HQ

Purge Poison

Adept level Restoration spell that does what it looks like. A bit expensive. Purchase from some vendors.

Purge Disease

Master level Restoration spell that does what it looks like. Not too expensive for a Master spell. I considered curing your diseases shouldn't be a walk in the park, hence the reason for the high levels. Purchase from Colette.

Wrath of the Gods

Yes, you guessed it, it was inspired by Dark Souls 3. Basically a 15 feet solar explosion centered on you with the following effects:

- 20 solar damage to everything around you. 50 if undead.
- Staggers everything within its radius.

Not too expensive for an Expert spell, but it takes 1.7 seconds to charge it.
Purchased in the College of Winterhold.

Cure Paralysis

It does what it looks like. Adept level. Restoration.

Superior Ward

100 points of protection against spells, and 100 armor. Expert level. Found somewhere in Shalidor's Maze.

Regeneration spells

From novice to expert, I added regeneration spells (cast on self) that regenerates a fixed amount of health (only duration can be improved with skill in Restoration if you use Ordinator and by dual casting) and Stamina if you have Respite perk: 2/s, 3/s,  4/s and 6/s. They don't stack with themselves (casting them again will reset the timer) but stronger versions will replace the previous one. Base duration is 30 seconds. 

Added a Master Spell called MASS VITALITY: Everyone around you (including you) in a 100 feet area (excluding summons, undead, daedra and automatons) will regenerate 12 points of Health and Stamina (no need for Respite perk) per second for two minutes. Duration can be increased with Restoration skill if you have Ordinator. It stacks with other regeneration spells, but not with itself, if recast, it will reset its timer.


Xflesh Other

You can grant armor to others in the same degree the original spells can, but they won't benefit from Mage Armor perks, so it is more suited for followers that don't fight like mages or that don't use armor spells, or to make your summons tougher.

You can find these in various vendors and NPCs.


Does what it looks like. Expert level, lasts for 30 seconds. Purchase from Toldfir.

Feather Spells

Added Alteration spells from Apprentice to Master to increase your Carry Weight: +25, +50, +75, +150.

Cushioned Fall

Adept level Alteration spell that reduces fall damage by 50%.


Expert level Alteration spell that pulls living things towards you and you can toss them around, kill them with fall damage, etc (just like the Vampire Lord does). Only works on targets that are susceptible to paralysis. Very expensive, base cost is 240/s (Telekinesis is 170/s).


Muffle Other

Muffles the target for 180 seconds.


Summon Soul Cairn Keeper

Master level spell that summons a Keeper from the Soul Cairn (the version with the shield and mace). It levels with you and the damage it deals also increases with level. Lasts for 45 seconds. Found in the Soul Cairn somewhere.

Summon High Seeker

Expert level spell that summons a High Seeker for 60 seconds. Found in Apocrypha near a Black Book.

That's all. For now.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.