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Simple tweaks to vanilla powers I felt needed some sort of boost or special quality.

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Some of the powers vanilla Skyrim offers leave quite a lot to be desired. I modified some of them to make them more interesting or powerful. Likely this mod will receive more updates as I test more powers and explore Skyrim a bit more. These are the changes so far:

Summon Spectral Assassin

The only thing that made this special, combat-wise, is that he has a ton of health, because 1) his max level is 100 (which leaves his health at about 1250) and 2) like every ghost NPC, he receives half damage from all sources. That is a lot of potential health. 

But his attacks were so weak and never staggered enemies, which made him an easy prey. So I made the following changes...

- Now he dual-wields two weapons, which cannot be disarmed and have infinite charges. His combat style will be identical to Forsworn Berserkers.

  • In his right hand, he uses a Ghostblade that deals 8 insubstantial extra damage (ignores armor), 15 points of Frost Damage that can slow targets down, and will terrify NPCs of level 10 or less.
  • In his left hand, he uses an Ebony Dagger that deals 8 insubstantial extra damage (ignores armor), 35 points of Stamina damage, and will terrify NPCs of level 10 or less.

- Incoming stagger is reduced by 50% due to his spectral nature, which means he is less likely to be interrupted in combat.

- Added the following perks:

  • Fighting Stance
  • Light Foot (won't trigger pressure plates or enemy runes)
  • Muffled Movement (so he'll be less likely to disrupt your sneaking)
  • Silence
  • Dual Flurry (Rank 2) -> He'll attack very aggressively.

I didn't add any perks to enhance damage because I feel it has enough advantages, as I mentioned.

Reduced max level to 80 to make him less OP.

Also I changed his name to "Lucien Lachance's Ghost."

Secret Servant

For whatever reason this NPC had a 50 carry weight units penalty. Removed that. So now he'll carry a bit more for you.

Ancient Knowledge

It will also boost the damage you deal with Dwarven Weapons by 25%. Pretty damn cool if you want to stick with Dwarven gear for roleplaying reasons, for the looks, or whatever.

Mora's Boon

Simply multiplied by 10 the amount it restores you, so it will restore you completely even if you're OP as hell.

Mora's Agony

It was already pretty damn cool because it staggers the hell out of anything that gets near it (very good if you drop it in bottlenecks),  with the exception of children, ghosts and dragons. But for a Greater Power (only usable once per day) it is a bit underwhelming, so I made the following changes.

-  Increased the damage it deals to 30 per second for 3 seconds (which can be re-applied in very rapid sucession, so it can be quite powerful).
-  Now it lasts for a full minute instead of simply 30 seconds (like regular Wall spells).
- Increases stagger value by .25

Waters of Life

This is simply a copy of Grand Healing, so... meh, for a greater power, that is. So now...

The area of effect was increased to 30 (was 15), and the power ignores LOS (so it will travel though obstacles).

- Healing increased to 300.

- It restores 300 stamina to you and your allies, as if you had the Respite perk.

- It cures you of any poison or illness you may be suffering from.

- It will also heal Daedra and Undead allies.

North Wind

- Increased damage to 25 (250 in total)

- May paralyze victims below 40% of Health for 5 seconds, like a stronger version of Deep Freeze.

Sun Flare

Just a copy of Firestorm. It's alright I guess, but I thought it needed some special quality.

- About 3/4 of the damage will be Fire Damage. The rest will be Sun damage (i.e damage only reduced by Magic Resistance). This makes it marginally more powerful against anything resistant to Fire.

- Undead take 100 points of extra Sun damage.

- May demoralize living targets below 30% Health if they are burning (like a more unforgiving version of the Intense Flames perk).

So against Undead (assuming no weaknesses), the maximum damage it can deal is 325, but it is especially destructive against vampires, as they receive 50% or more extra Fire Damage.

Nightingale Subterfuge

It was powerful for an Illusion effect (level cap is 100), but I made it less likely to be a waste by increasing area of effect and duration.

New duration: 45 seconds
Area of Effect: 50 (it was 15, like a Fireball)

Nightingale Strife

A instantaneous 100 health absorption is pretty good, but I added the "Ignore Resistance" flag so it is equally effective no matter what. Lots of NPCs have the Magic Resistance perk.

More to come (probably). I probably will not modify any passive effect (with the present exception), as there are plenty of them, and you can get them all. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.