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Shuffels the word walls of Skyrim around so that each playthrough will be unique.

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Exploration is a big part of Skyrim, but after a dozen or so playthroughs I know which dungeon hosts which word. This bothered me, so I decided to do something about it.

This mod shuffles the Words of Power in Skyrim around, meaning you might learn Storm Call instead of Become Ethereal while retrieving the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

Walls that will not be included at all are:

- Bleakfalls Barrow's Unrelenting Force, because it would break the related quest.
- Throw Voice wall, because its a three-in-one wall.
- DLC walls, due to scripting issues.

How it works:
When you start the game, you are given a power called Randomize Word Walls. When you cast it, the randomization process begins.

Things to keep in mind before casting the spell:
- Make sure you are in a safe place. You should more or less go AFK while the script is working, so you don't want combat to start. The script takes about a minute to finish.
-The optimal place to start the script would be right after you've slain the bear during the Helgen attack, or in the starting cell of any alternate start mods.
- You should run this on a fresh save, with as few other mods as possible installed. Once the script is finished you can install more mods.
- Be sure you are no where near a word wall.
- Save the game before casting.
- The changes done to your playthrough cannot be reversed, even by uninstalling the mod.

When the script finishes, it also stops any running script and removes the Randomize Word Walls power, making it rather "safe" to uninstall, though uninstalling any mod is not recommended.

- Download with NMM or install manually.

- If you've cast the spell, just remove the mod using NMM or remove it from the Data folder, along with the .BSA package.
- If you haven't cast the spell, do it and select the unistall option. Then do the step above.
- Keep in mind that uninstalling any mod may cause instability in your save.

"This sounds fun and all, but is there any way I can check if the mod works before I start a new game?"

Yes there is actually. Just follow the steps bellow:
- Start the game. While in the Main Menu, open up the console and type coc RwwTestCell Do not load an existing save
- Cast the spell.
- Once the script finishes, you'll be taken on a journey to all the word
walls affected. In vanilla Skyrim, the first three walls teaches you:
Dismay, Ice Form and Slow Time, in that order.

"Does this break the Greybeards quest that helps you locate words?"


"Will you ever add DLC support?"

No. I tried, but I couldn't get it to work.