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Adds a little backstory and motivation for some of the Dark Brotherhood contracts.

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I made this mod purely for fun. All it does is add a little bit of extra story about some of the targets by adding and occasionally adjusting a few notes, journals and letters.

This mod doesn't turn the Dark Brotherhood into righteous angels of justice. It's still an organization that murders for money, with little thought spared on whether or not the victims deserve it. It doesn't turn all Dark Brotherhood victims into evil, unrepentant sinners deserving of death either. It's still possible to murder someone entirely innocent, especially when you're given a choice. All this mod does is try to provide a bit of backstory and sometimes motivation for some of the targets. Not all of them. For example, Grelod the Kind viciously abuses children. The motive for her murder is clear, so there's really no need to elaborate. As for those who are affected, it's still on the individual player to decide whether or not you want to go through with the contract.

I haven't tackled every contract. Only the ones you absolutely have to complete to finish the main storyline, and only if I felt the in-game motivation wasn't quite satisfying enough already. So to spare you from hunting around for diaries and notes that don't exist, here's the list of contracts I did write backstory for:

Fultheim the Fearless, Alea Quintus, and Vasha (It's possible to find out which one has the contract on their head now)
Beitild, Narfi (I recommend you do his side-quest first), and Ennodius Papius 
Lurbuk and Hern
Vittoria Vicci
Gaius and Commander Maro
Anton Virane and The Gourmet
Emperor Titus Mede II

I hope you enjoy.