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Small home mod, yes, but a little more.

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(Norwegian for Little Home)

by SA547

This is a deceptively simple home that's intended for younger and/or female characters with no relationship yet. It's sited just a stone's throw away south of the Honningbrew Meadery in Whiterun. From Lillehjem's vantage point, you get a glimpse of Whiterun's gates and Dragonsreach.

I made this home mod for my teen character who needed a getaway appropriate for her age and purpose, hence the feminine theme, from the rose-print wallpaper of the cozy interior, to the collection of dolls, to dozens of potted plants and flower-filled baskets, and the plush and warm bedding. Otherwise, I wanted to try making something different from the usually large city homes for hardened warriors, tradesmen, and mages.


  • Linked storage -- meaning to say, some objects such as a pile of books, a line of boots, a flower basket, have been given activators for which you can conveniently store and access your stuff at any part of the house. Even the chest outside will allow you to dump loot directly into the house without having to go inside.
  • Basic crafting -- there'll be some who want to craft on their own, so there's places for you to make weapons and armor, enchant stuff, or make potions or poisons.
  • Checked and cleaned with SSEdit.

Compatibility information

Some other home mods may or may not work with Lillehjem, mainly with either collision and/or navmesh issues, and if they're in close proximity with this mod (i.e. Riverside Lodge)

Installation and Removal

Install the mod with any mod manager -- NMM, MO2, or Wrye -- or by manual means (extract to the Skyrim Data directory).

Uninstall the mod by removing all items from the house, go someplace else like inside Whiterun, make a gamesave, then deactivate and uninstall properly.


Stroti, Tamira, AARS, FPI Research, Lilith, Lolicept, Runspect, Oaristys, Jokerine, Insanity, Jet, TES Alliance et. al. and the United States Naval Observatory Library

IMAGE: Plate 1, Northern Hemisphere, Celestial Atlas by Alexander Jamieson, owned by the United States Naval Observatory Library (as this is archived digitized material displayed online on a government website, by law it should be therefore in the public domain)


This mod is NOT for sale, exclusively distributed only on Nexus and under my account name. All resources are the properties of their respective authors.