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Forts are owned by imperials or stormcloaks instead of bandits at the start.
Or you can manually flip their alliance.

Permissions and credits
What this does-
Only changes civil war forts.

While you were gone- No bandit forts
Simple edit of all forts, except Fort Hraggstad, to be owned by imperials or stormcloaks instead of bandits.
There is a civil war going on and they don't even control the forts? You mark it down on your little battle maps you own the fort.

While you were gone- Civil War
Adds a chest with books in each Jarl Longhouse near the mage's stuff to manually switch forts to either stormcloak, imperial, or bandit.

while you were gone- no bandits and neutral whiterun
-the no bandits version, but bandits are replaced with whiterun guards. just disabled stuff and removed stuff from the activation marker.

Why use this mod?
While you were gone  doing beyond bruma, reach, vigilant, darkend the civil war continued. Maybe your character isn't doing the civil war this playthrough, but you still want more soldiers around, or maybe it feels odd that bandits control forts in the middle of a civil war.

Future plans
If skse gets released, out of alpha,  I'll look into removing the books, adding mcm support, and maybe work on some script to randomly switch the ownership every x days. If i can do it without skse i'll get to it.

Probably not a good idea to do the civil war quest lines with the "while you were gone-civil war" version and switch the stormcloak/imperial forts from their default.