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Adds smelters to enemy occupied locations across Skyrim.

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You know the story.....You just slaughtered everyone in Halted Stream Camp, and your pockets are full of ore, weighing you down in the middle of nowhere. Where is a smelter when you really need one?! 

Well, look no further. This very simple but very useful mod adds smelters to three locations- Halted Stream Camp, Embershard Mine and Karthspire Camp. I got tired of hitting up these locations and never having enough room in my inventory to keep all this precious ore. It seemed to make sense given that bandits are smithing basic armor, but how are they doing it without smelters? Bethesda has a habit of omitting smelters from Skyrim locations, even in major cities, so I aimed to correct that. Especially useful for people that play with crafting mods that add additional weight to ore, such as Immersive Jewelry.

Also adds a working cook-pot to Halted Stream Camp, because by the time I'm done with that location, I always get hungry.

If anyone has any suggestions for locations, feel free to leave a comment.