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Edits 350+ encounter zones of skyrim,dawnguard,dragonborn and hearthfires.
Edits to the global values. fLeveledActorMult easy,medium,hard and very hard which all EZones use to determine what will spawn.
Removes the max level limitation of all EZones which had one.

This will increase combat difficulty.

Permissions and credits
Edits 350 +  Encounter zones  and   fLeveledActorMult  Easy,Medium,Hard and Very Hard
to incease the difficulty of combat. Harder enemies appear sooner and become more numerous more quickly .

You wont get multiple deathlords when you are only level 10.Ive set it to be harder,not impossible.

This mod is medium difficulty and is balanced for adept game setting.It was made because i found other EZ mods way too hard.

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