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Numerous requests for my character used in screenshots. This preset was created using vertex editor in Enhanced Character Edit and hours of working and tweaking. Please enjoy her.

Permissions and credits
Eun Hye Character Preset

Here is the preset everyone keeps asking me about.

She's supposed to be Korean but I'm not good at making Korean faces . . .

Requirements - This means it is absolutely necessary for mod functionality

1. Enhanced Character Edit for Skyrim SE

Use the slot slider to choose my preset slot. This takes up slot 3 of ECE. This can be changed by renaming the file provided in the download. Replace the "3" with another number.

Optional Files - These files will make sure it looks very similar to the screenshots

1. Fair Skin Complexion - I use the skinny textures with goosebumps normal map. I also have SSS enabled when going through the FOMOD installer. I also use the 4k textures.

2. Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- - This is the body I use for this character

3. SG Hair Pack 268 by Hello Santa - Not on the Nexus, please Google this. I believe this is a mod for the legacy edition of Skyrim. It will work with Skyrim SE, you just need to optimize the nif files

How to Install

1. Download this mod manually.
2. Extract the contents somewhere like your desktop.
3. Drag and drop the trislot file into Documents/My Games/Skyrim Special Edition/CME_save