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Attempts to fix the bugs of silverfish's mod.
Thanks to CptMcSplody for converting it into the Special Edition.

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Read Ragdoll Paralysis
TL;DR Getting hit by paralysis makes you ragdoll.

The mod is originally by silverfish but he hasn't been active for years and I really want an update.
Special Thanks to CptMcSplody for converting it into the Special Edition.


1. Removes changes in the special paralysis spell used by Kematu.
Making changes with special things used specifically only ONCE by a quest usually means its really needed and might cause problems if edited. Reverted to original.

2. Prevents the Forced Permanent 3rd Person when paralyzed.

Specifically when eating Netch Jelly or being paralyzed in general. Some users never experienced this but I have so I added some preventive measures. Better safe than sorry.

3. Prevents enemy paralysis when doing a Kill-cam.

Main reason why I made this. I was annoyed when suddenly the enemy survived the kill-cam because they got paralyzed. 
(This is actually a vanilla bug fixed by using a script to handle the paralysis effect. Bullseye perk is fixed with this mod. Compatability unknown)

4. Changed Resistances
Poison resistance resist Paralysis poisons while Magic resistance resist Paralysis enchantments/spells. It makes sense.


1. Unzip in Data folder or use a Mod Manager.
2. Use Tes5Edit to check for conflicts. Just make sure that the Script is present, the Archetype is Script and the Actor Value is None.
3. Play as usual but with ragdolls.


1. Make sure that nobody is paralyze. The script is active during paralysis only.
2. Remove the Paralyze.esp and RagdollParalysis.pex, or use a Mod Manager.
3. Play as usual but without ragdolls.

About time for a nice mod to get fixed.

silverfish for the original mod.
CptMcSplody for the SE conversion. 

[Patches] (see miscellaneous)