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Ren's HD Shrines
Retexture and remesh for the Divines' Shrines, with higher quality and alternate color packs.
Includes extra assets for loading screen art (e.g. Akatosh load-screen specific asset).
Includes extra assets for HearthFires inventory views when crafting the shrines at home.

• Skyrim Special Edition (textures & meshes use new format)

• FOMOD installer to pick one of:
• 2 new color palettes for Akatosh: Sands of Time & Golden Bormahu
• 2 new color palettes for Arkay: Red Heart & Golden Shells
• 2 new color palettes for Dibella: Spring of Love & Kind Autumn
• 2 new color palettes for Julianos: Magic Circles & All-seeing Eye
• 2 new color palettes for Kynareth: Heavenly Air & Mint Chock Chip
• 2 new color palettes for Mara: Carved Saint & Gilded Saint
• 2 new color palettes for Stendarr: Tusk of Mercy & Horn of Charity
• 2 new color palettes for Talos: Rusted Copper & Rusted Steel
• 2 new color palettes for Zenithar: Chrome & Golden Circuit

• No plugin, so no need for TES5Edit cleaning
• Meshes updated & optimized with NIFoptimizer v2.9.1
• Textures updated & optimized with NIFscan 0.3.2

♦ Rengel is the original author of these textures; I received her permission to upload a port for SSE.
♦ LupusHegemonia upscaled & retouched the textures to 2K resolution.
♦ I created the inventory-specific meshes used in HearthFires