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I got sick of going through the Bleak Falls Barrow dungeon on every save. So I made this mod that adds a trapdoor leading to the area with the word wall, but also adds the golden claw to the same area, saving you the trouble of going back to save Arvel. I've also disabled the secret door and made it possible to enter through the exit.

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Now also on Xbox!

I tend to start new saves quite often and I got sick of having to go through the Bleak Falls Barrow dungeon on every save. So I made this mod that adds a trapdoor next to the actual door. The trapdoor transports you to the start of the area with the word wall. I've also added the claw in a knapsack now, and the draugr appears as soon as you enter the area, how you enter does not matter. Word wall is untouched, but you do not need to stand and wait for it to finish, approach it until the screen blurs, walk away and profit.

Version 1.4
  • Disabled(hid) the secret door and door activator
  • A navmeshed staircase instead of a stone so that followers can follow you in through the exit if you choose to enter that way. I did not touch the outside though but they should enter the door with you.
  • Added trapdoors to the navmesh so that followers can detect them properly.
  • If you do not want exterior navmesh edits(for the main Bleak Falls door area) use 1.4 Optional.

The way I did this will leave your game with 2 golden claws. So, if you were to go through it all the proper way you should be able to keep the claw that Arvel has, since it won't be a quest object after you have given the claw from the knapsack to Lucan.

I found a version for Oldrim(not my mod, but a similar one): Bleak Falls Bypass. So use that if you want something like this for Oldrim :)

Arvel and his yellow argonian buddy named Steals-Many-Claws split up and entered the barrow through 2 different entrances, Steals-Many-Claws entered through the trap door but he forgot his knapsack on the way out. And chances are you know what happened to Arvel.

No Snow Under The Roof - Trapdoor was covered in 1.2 and 1.1 but fixed in 1.3 and tested with that mod activated. See images.


1. Use NMM or drag the .esp into your Skyrim SE Data folder.

2. Activate the .esp and start enjoying life again.

3. Have fun! ;D