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Time now for you to be the hunter, not the prey. Grants two powers to assist stealthy/cautious gameplay.

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Quit Looking At Me!
Have you often found yourself creeping stealthily through the undergrowth, confident in your concealment, only to have your detection indicator light up? You thought you were a passing shadow, but found instead that you were the very last to learn that others were nearby. The mods we use to add grass, lush undergrowth, and the like accentuate the beauty of the environment, but they also tend to obscure our prey while doing nothing at all to prevent them from seeing us.

Who The Hell Is That?
Then too, you may have found yourself traveling, only to spot someone skulking by the road up ahead. Traveling bard? Innocent farmer? Or are you looking at a highwayman or assassin? You could approach and find out, but only at the expense of giving yourself away and sacrificing the element of surprise. If only there was a way to get a preliminary read on the situation...

Mod Mechanics
Hunter’s Senses
aims to help with these first world problems. Upon activating the mod, you’ll find that you have two new powers at your disposal.

Hunter’s Senses, the namesake power, causes you to briefly enter a state of heightened awareness. Nearby creatures will become highlighted - living creatures will glow red, and the undead (and just plain dead) will glow blue. If you happen to use the Apocalypse spell pack, this ability pairs nicely with the Alarm novice Alteration spell. Alarm warns you when something hostile draws near, and Hunter’s Senses then allows you to sense its location. It also excels at helping you to locate the corpses of your fallen foes, which just love to hide in the tall grass.

Hunter’s Intuition, the other power, allows you to sense the power level and hostility of whatever creature you have targeted. Upon triggering the ability, you will be given the following feedback:

Target is 5 or more levels below you: "You should manage this target easily."
Target is 4 or fewer levels below you: "This target looks slightly weaker than you."
Target is the same level as you: "This target is an even match for you."
Target is 4 or fewer levels above you: "This target looks slightly stronger than you."
Target is 5 to 9 levels above you: "This target seems considerably more powerful than you."
Target is 10+ levels above you: "This target seems vastly more powerful than you."

You will also be able to sense whether your target is hostile toward you.

And that’s it. Time now for you to be the hunter, not the prey.


Use your mod manager of choice to install the 7z package, which consists of an .esp and a .bsa archive. Activate the .esp.

Load Order
Irrelevant. Hunter’s Senses is purely additive, and conflicts with precisely nothing.

Never a good idea. Just stop using the powers. Remove the mod when you are between playthroughs.