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This is a port of Hallgarth's Deep elf race mod. He has given permission for this to be ported over.

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Port of  Hallgarth's oldrim Deep Elf Race mod with new added powers.

Dwemer Supremacy:All nearby enemies up to level 100 flee for 30s.
Ancient Guardian:Summon dwemer sphere
Shock Resist:25%
Dwemer Smithing:Item improvements are 25% better.

The multiple race abilities may look like overkill but I made this to be played with Imperious anyway.

The best way to get vampirism to work is to player.setrace DERDeepElfRaceVampire.

Thanks To:
  •  Hallgarth for the oldrim mod and for letting it be ported.
  • TMPhoenix for their RaceCompatibility for Skyrim Special Edition.
  •  expired6978 for the general tips in Creating a Playable Race.