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This adds 15 male followers of different races and classes to different locations in Skyrim. 4 nords, 2 dark elves, 1 wood elf, 2 orcs, 1 breton, 1 argonian and 2 khajiits, 1 redguard, 1 old man

Permissions and credits

If you see this mod anywhere else, it is stolen/uploaded without permission. I only have files on the Nexus.

All are/should be marriageable. All has light foot perk. Mod is cleaned. They level with you up until level 300. 1.15 player level multiplier. The 3 special hairs are included so you do not need apachiiSkyhairsSSE for them. All armors worn on images are removable, they wear clothes as default outfits.

They are not standalone. They will look like all the other men in your game. :)

I haven't done any fancy ai packages, so they just sandbox. I have made it so that many of the followers travel themselves to their sandbox locations, my hopes is that it creates less conflicts this way.

New Followers
  • Punchy the Khajiit, he sandboxes in/around Noster's run-down house in Ivarstead. Hand to hand fighter, heavy armor perks.

  • Ashadr the redguard conjurer. He sandboxes inside the Silver-Blood Inn, Markarth. Conjuration spells and one handed. No armor perks.

  • Gorc gro-Gorlokk. One handed and shield, light armor. Sandboxes at Mor Khazgur like Dub.

  • Cedric Battle-Heart. A versatile nord warrior. He is based on vikings and can therefore use shield and one handed,  two handed, light and/or heavy armor. Can be found in Karthwasten.

  • Torland the Blacksmith. A retired blacksmith. Wields his blacksmith's hammer and sells stuff when not following you regardless of where he is located. His main hammer has a knockback effect but I have added an unenchanted one in his inventory due to invincibility bugs with kill moves. So you can replace the enchanted one with the unenchanted if it becomes troublesome. Can be found in Karthwasten. His hammer can be tempered with the clutter item blacksmith's hammer.

  • Young Hans-Gunnar sandboxes inside Dragonsreach from 7 to 18, at 18 he heads to the Bannered Mare for some socialisin'. Heavy/light armor and dual wields.

  • Aged Hans-Gunnar sandboxes inside Jorrvaskr and sandboxes inside Bannered Mare at the same time as young Hans-Gunnar. He follows the same time schedule of 7 to 18. Check inside Jorrvaskr first before trying the Mare. Heavy/light armor and dual wields.

  • Eykthain Rightain, he sandboxes in Riften. No special time. Check around the market. Light armor, bow and arrow and one handed.

  • Eyrevehn Rightain, Eykthain Rightain's father. An Imperial Soldier wielding sword and shield. But nothing ties him to the Imperials apart from the armor I shoved in his inventory so it's nothing final. Heavy armor, one handed and shield. Sandboxes in Castle Dour. I mistook him for General Tullius recently ^^'

  • Nils the Gray, he sandboxes inside Honorhall Orphanage from 18 to 6. The rest of the time he sandboxes at Haelga's Bunkhouse. Can be found either at Haelga's or in Honorhall. Heavy armor and two handed.

  • Robert Nibleigh, he sandboxes in Riverwood from 8 to 16, after that he sandboxes inside The Sleeping Giant Inn. He should be close to the Inn or in the middle of Riverwood. Archer that uses light armor.

  • Dub gro-Gorlokk can be found in the Mor Khazgur Orc stronghold. Sandboxing and should use a guard marker I placed if it works as intended. Heavy armor and two handed.

  • Arthur, Celia the Kettle-Maiden's father. Like his daughter he uses fire and ice magic. But he's not a spellsword, pure mage. Chills in the Arcaneum at the College of Winterhold. He's a mage so only clothing, but I don't know if that works. I based him on Marcurio so I hope it does. But he has no dedicated perks for any armors.

  • Steals-Many-Sweetrolls, an argonian running laps in Whiterun hold. He has no armor, partially because I forgot but doesn't really matter, because he's a stealthy SOB. He runs between the farm below the Whiterun Stable and the broken farmhouse close to the Western watchtower. Light armor perks, wields a dagger by default but can use 1 handed or dual wield, stealth perks.

  • Ja'dirr, a khajiit archer employed as a caravan guard. He travels with Kharjo's caravan. Archer, light armor, stealth perks.


Punchy the Khajiit
A khajiit  that punches things. Did he escape from an unregulated fighting ring or is he just good at punching stuff? I don't know.

Ashadr the redguard conjurer
Ashadr helped Saadia escape Hammerfell and came with her to Skyrim. While she stayed in Whiterun to keep a low profile Ashadr did the opposite. He headed for Markarth to prove his luck as a sellsword.

Gorc gro-Gorlokk.
Gorc is Dub gro-Gorlokk's brother. They were both  brought up in the orc stronghold of Mor Khazgur. The stronghold is waiting for the day that either of them steps up to challenge the Chieftan, and one day it might be a battle of brothers. Only one can survive.

Cedric Battle-Heart
Cedric is a nord warrior. While young he has seen his fair share of combat but strangely he hasn't gotten enough of it. He feels truly alive when in battle, adrenaline rushing and feeling like he could die at a moments notice. He wants more.

Torland the Blacksmith
A retired nord blacksmith. Torland was looking forward to a  life of resting and leisure but it wasn't meant to be. He was harassed by someone screaming about iron ingots in the middle of the night for weeks on end. It drove Torland almost insane, so he started working part-time as a blacksmith again(he works full-time in the mod though).

Eykthain Rightain
In Oldrim he had quite the backstory. He was married to Jordis the Sword-Maiden and they had a daughter named Eireen. His mother was an Imperial woman named Camilla Rightain and his father a dunmer named Eyrevehn Rightain(I butchered the lore quite good with Eykthain :P). But it doesn't really apply anymore, because Jordis doesn't know who he is and so forth now.

Eyrevehn Rightain
Eykthain's father. He is a soldier in the Imperial Legion. A good tactician but a bit too serious for his own good.

Robert Nibleigh
I have nothing on him so far to be honest. I wanted a cool wood elf so I made one. That's about it.

Young Hans-Gunnar
He is the Dragonborn in my game but I renamed him to Stone-Bicep here so that it doesn't clash with your story and gameplay. So he has no shouts. As a person he goes straight for the goal. No plans or anything, just head-on. 

While he isn't the Dragonborn in this mod, that is his true backstory

Old Hans-Gunnar
It's the same guy as above, but older. This is how he looked after he had slaughtered Harkon and family. But that's in my game :P

Nils the Gray
He doesn't really have a backstory. He's my anything goes character. He's currently a stormcloak. He has done many things: He has helped take Whiterun for the Stormcloaks. Wrecked Grelod, when he as a 55 year old man, found out that he wouldn't get adopted. Worked as a mercenary in Cyrodiil. Nils has done bad things and good things, but deep-down, Nils is a good guy.

A breton mage that took to Skyrim to find a better life for him, his fiancee and their future child Celia the Kettle-Maiden. He stays at the College of Winterhold during his stay.

A khajiit archer from Elsweyr, once a refugee, he was eventually recruited as a caravan guard by Ahkari due to his skillful marksmanship.

Compatibility with other mods

3DNPC/Interesting NPCs - I noticed that there was a khajiit woman following a vanilla caravan, it's not the same one I chose here but might be worth taking note of. Did not find any npc's following Kharjo's Caravan.

The Kids Are Alright - A child khajiit follows Kharjo's caravan with this mod, doesn't seem to affect Ja'dirr though.

Compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks and Relationship Dialogue Overhaul since they use vanilla voices.

In order to have Ja'dirr travel with the caravans I had to put him in the FormList: 0001B1CC; the CaravansNPCList. I also put him as a member of the Quest 0003ACDB; Caravans. The quest responsible for khajiits traveling together.

If you are using my mod Badass Kharjo(linked beneath this section) and this you have to switch to the Kharjo Only version, otherwise you'll end up with either
two Ja'dirrs or one that doesn't travel.

Outfit Studio - In which I edited the unique outfits and enlarged the head of Torland's hammer slightly.

apachii and Apachii skyhairs SSE for the hair Nils and the Hans-Gunnars use.

45tg67se for recoloring Arthur's robes for use in this mod.

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