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13 male followers of various races: a fully functional blacksmith follower, 6 warriors, 2 mages, 2 archers and there's even a brawler(fists) follower included. Extra care has been taken so that they don't feel like copy/paste jobs. Both in regards to voices, appearance and combat. Not standalone, their appearance will depend on your setup.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
All are/should be marriageable. Mod is cleaned. They level with you up until level 300. 1.15 player level multiplier. The 2 special hairs are included so you do not need apachii Skyhairs SSE for them. All armors worn on images are removable, they wear clothes as default outfits.

They are not standalone. They will look like all the other men in your game. :)
I haven't done any fancy ai packages, so they just sandbox.

Note: There are no imperial followers in this mod, but if you want one I can recommend Lucien Flavius - Fully Voiced Follower. :)

Torland the Blacksmith
Torland is an ex blacksmith that was hoping for retirement but it just didn't happen. Someone pestered him about iron ingots all night long for weeks on end, to such a degree that Torland had to start working again. As such he can barter with you regardless of whether he is following or not, but he only buys blacksmith stuff, i.e. weapons, misc and armor. He wields his own blacksmith's hammer by default, the one he has equipped is a blacksmith's hammer with knockback. I also added an unenchanted one in his inventory in case you want to switch it out. Knockbacks seem to cause issues during killmoves.

Location: Karthwasten exterior.

Eykthain Rightain
My OG Oldrim character. A dark elf that is equipped with a bow and sword by default.

Location: Raven Rock market/main area.

Redguard, conjuration based spellsword. I like to think he was involved in helping Saadia escape.

Location: The Retching Netch Inn, Raven Rock.

A wood elf/nord mix follower(visually). After the vampire attacks started he decided to join the Dawnguard, and was stationed in Riverwood so that he could protect them against the vampires. Wields a crossbow by default.

Location: Riverwood.

Hans-Gunnar from Housecarl's Duty. Equipped as he is in the story. After he finished his housecarl examination he left Whiterun in search of his boots.

Location: Morside Inn, Morthal.

Nils the Gray
Nils is Celinda the Kettle-Maiden's father. He's also my anything goes character. He's currently a stormcloak. He has wrecked Grelod, when he as a 55 year old man, found out that he wouldn't get adopted. And he has worked as a mercenary in Cyrodiil. Nils has done bad things and good things, but deep-down, Nils is a good guy. Currently he resides in Honorhall Orphanage to keep the kid's safe. Greatsword by default.

Location: Honorhall Orphanage

A breton mage that took to Skyrim to find a better life for himself.

Location: Nightgate Inn.

Cedric Battle-Heart
A drunken nord warrior. Based on vikings. Sword and shield by default.

Location: Nightgate Inn.

A khajiit archer from Elsweyr.

Location: Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead.

Punchy the Khajiit
A mysterious khajiit brawler. It is not known where he comes from, but rumours suspect he escaped from an illegal fighting ring.

Location: Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead.

Gorc the Orc
An orc living in Mor Khazgur with his brother Dub. One day one of them will step up to fight the chieftan for leadership. Shield and axe by default.

Location: Mor Khazgur

Dub gro-Gorlokk
An orc living in Mor Khazgur with his brother Gorc. Two handed axe by default.

Location: Mor Khazgur

An argonian residing in the Windhelm docks with the other argonians. Wields a knife by default.

Location: Windhelm docks.

Perks n stuff
I have opted to give all followers the same perks because I noticed on the user submitted images that at least Robgeirr and Hans-Gunnar got kitted out with different gear than I had anticipated. So now any follower can use any gear. With the exception of spells, Ashadr and Arthur are the only ones with spells. The rest does not. Too many perks to list, but perks for damage regarding bows, one handed, two handed, shield, armors etc. Light foot perk. The logical stuff. :)

Compatibility with other mods

Earlier I had put Ja'dirr in the caravan quests so that he could follow the caravans but I took it out for the update, because I didn't do it in a clean way. So there's no caravans incompatibility in the newest version.

Compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks and Relationship Dialogue Overhaul since they use vanilla voices.

Outfit Studio - In which I edited the unique outfits and enlarged the head of Torland's hammer slightly.

apachii and Apachii skyhairs SSE for the hairs Nils and Hans-Gunnar uses.

45tg67se for recoloring Arthur's robes for use in this mod.

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