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This is a complete remake from scratch of my old werebeast expansion mod
it adds some new locations and werebeasts to both skyrim and solstheim

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This is a complete remake from scratch of my old werebeast expansion modit adds some new locations and werebeasts to both skyrim adn solstheim

can also be found on for xbox and pc
*pics coming soon*
________________Werebeast Expansion__________________

*****Update 01.29/2020*****
-small bug fixes and minor changes

*****update 11/4/2019*****
- changed and fixed the glitchy boar tusk cavern
- changed tuskuru to an orc from a breton
- streamlined and cleaned the file of files not used
- fixed the buggy enemy NPC werebeast transformations
- added a new follower to Gallows Rock (best if used with amazing folower tweaks)
- added special skins for AFT werewolf followers
- kharjo becomes a WereLion
- Derkeethus becomes a WereCroc
- Faendal becomes a WereVulture

***** update 12/17/2017*****
-added white wolf cave and white werewolf clan

*****Beta 11/8/2017*****
-added wereboars
-added Boar's Tusk Cavern
-changed the looks of the rings of hircine
-moved Hircines Ring of Instinct to the Wereboar Boss Tuskuru
-moved Hircines Ring of Bloodlust to the Black Werebear Boss Ursa

*****Beta 10/30/2017*****
- rescripted the buildable camp so bugs should be fixed
- changed the transformations from the shrine of hircines to marksman damage
- fixed the beds in the frostmoon camp so that they are each npcs ownership
- Custom Female werewolf model based off of the howling werewolf model

*****Beta 10/15/2017*****
-Black Werebear encampment with Boss Fight

-changes the Frostmoon Werewolves Transformations skins to white Werewolves

-Changes Hjordis werewolf skin form to Red Werewolf

-Added Red Werewolf Corpses to Snowclad Ruins on solstheim which was the hoe of Hjordis' Werewolf Pack

-Changed the model and textures of the Bow of the Stag prince
-Made the bow of the stag prince buyable from majini the trader of the frostmoon werewolf pack

-Build a camp/home for yourself and the the pack at frostmoon crag on solstheim

-Recruit a Werewolf Follower at frostmoon crag who has a unique combat style

______________________Wolf Armor Sets________________________________

****Update 01/29/2020****
- fixed file paths of the wolf mage armor 
- removed a couple glitchy armors temporarily for editing

****Update - 11/9/2019****

- book can befound in the new area in the underforge- did a few small changes and fixes- added basic wolf mage robes- added 3 new armors- changed up the random werebeast encounter equipment- added new outfi for skjor of the companions- added new outfit for aela for the companions- added new outfit to dawnguard forge as long as you have unlocked skyforge smithing- changed the crafting recipes to make more since- added crafting recipes for companions wolf armor once you unlock skyforge smithing

****Update - 9/28/2019****

- fixed a few clipping issues- changed a few armors meshes so it is compatible with mods like bandoliers- fixed a small issue with the scout head mask now a hood and mask combo- removed the armor rating from the normal mask- redid the crafting for the wolf armors now need only 1 book Wolf Style Forging- changed the Lunar forge to a true unique forge like the Skyforge- added the Lunar Tanning Rack to the Lunar forge - armors no longer use the 44 45 and 53 armor slots - Added the Harbinger armor to the skyforge recipe as long as you have the book- to use lunar forge you need the lunar forge book from the lunar forge- Wolf Style Forging book can be found the second area of the Underforge

****Update - 5/11/2019****

- added small expansion to underforge- Crafting books can be found in the new underforge addition- Crafting books can be found in the chest at the frostmoon camp (stealing)- Majini can be pickpocketed for the crafting books 

this mod adds several new types of saviors hide like armor 

needs Wolf Hearts from wolvesWerewolf PeltsWolf Pelts

created by hurricain87/Elfendrago87

to Earrindo for the Wolf mage armor

_________________Werebeast Expansion Bloodlines_____________________
Growl - Werebeasts Of Skyrim [XB1]

- Removed Need for master files other than growl
- made skins availible for purchase at the shady merchant in bloated mans grotto

Non Growl
- Removed Need for master files
- made skins availible for purchase at the shady merchant in bloated mans grotto

_________________Werebeast Expansion Quests_____________________

- adds quests to certain friendly or neutral werebeasts as long as you are also a werebeast
- so far only 1 quest for hjordis is done and it is a lore friedly quest 

___________________Werebeast Expansion - Silver Hand________________
Heavy armory mod 

       - Update on progress so far -
 - have the faction set up
 - the silver weapon damage altered to fit 
 - a new custom silver hand armor 
 - alchemy for silver damage poisons
 - Smeltable silver junk
 - Removed silver from Jorvasker cause werewolves and silver dont mix
 - added new keywords for werebeasts
 - added set bonus for Silver Hand armor similar to Dawnguard armor set
 - added upgradeability to silver weapons
 - added built in compatibility to heavy armory's silver weapons
 - added silver Arrows for those who dont use creation club
 - Faction is joinable but no quests right now
   (warning : joining silver hand makes companions circle hostile as well as frostmoon werewolf pack

    - things left to do -
 - add intro quest to faction waiting to hear back from the author of fable of ursus for permissions
 - add repeatable quests
 - add questline
 - make deadline for easter release (Beta released)

_________________________________________***More to come***____________________________________________________
- Silver Hand Addon (beta)
- more werebeast Encounters
- silver hand encounters (WIP)
- Quests (WIP) 
- Weapons & Armors (Wolf Armors (Done), Silver Hand Armor (Done), Companions Armor, Bloodlines Armors)
- Werebeast Expansion Reborn - Clans Addon (Requires Bloodlines Addon)
- Werebeast Expansion Reborn - Bloodlines Addon (Done)


- Earrindo for the wolf mage armor mesh
- SpikeDragonKing for the werebeast Resources
- Darkfox127 for his tutorial on buildable structures