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This mod add some "new" retextured giant monsters.

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I have updated the pictures of the ice lord Dragon ;)
If some people use some mods that modify the perk tree, you should put my mod below these mods in the load order to be sure there will have no trouble with them. ;)


-I made this mod because i wanted more big and tough monsters to fight in the game. Don't expect new models, i used existing models i retextured but it look like new species ;) . Some creatures has their own skills.
I called this mode Giant creatures but don't expect to find godzilla size monsters, i scaled them in a reasonable way to avoid too much weird reactions in the world of the game, even if it's happening sometimes. :p

-This mod need Dawnguard and Dragonborn to work!

-This mod work ONLY with Skyrim Special Edition, i plan to make a version for old Skyrim. And because i first made this mode for SSE, and not for old Skyrim to put it after on SSE(and this way maybe it could work), i will probably have to recreate it with the creation kit for old skyrim.

-You will not find these monsters everywhere, they are living in specific part of Tamriel like swamp or forest for exemple(the pictures will help to guess their location). The dragon is the only one you can find in any place where dragons use to spawn. I also added FrostGiant in some cold part of Tamriel, but not modified. These creatures has also their own ingredient to loot.

-Some of these creatures will be available level 1, but most of the time they can be easily avoided. For the two monsters you will encounter inside dungeons, you will have too wait until a higher level. Also, some creatures can level up, until a certain limit depending of the creature.

Take a look to the doc for all details of new update ;)

Sometimes i update an existing version when i'm doing small changes. You can take a look in the files in case i did it.