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Replaces the meshes & textures of Skyrim's wolves to that of MihailMod's awesome wolves. v1.1 update released with new wolf textures by T4gtr34um3r.

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SSE Wolves Replacer

This mod replaces the vanilla meshes and textures of Skyrim's wolves with those from MihailMod's Wolves of Cyrodiil. I've chosen to replace the red wolves with Mihail's lighter grey wolf as there was no red wolves in his mod. However, this is something I want to add myself in a future update along with adding in the wolf pelts.


25th November 2017 - SSE Wolves Replacer v1.1 released.
This update includes new and reworked 2k wolf textures created by T4gtr34um3r.



MihailMods for the awesome wolf textures and meshes, and for the open permissions.
T4gtr34um3r for the new textures included in the v1.1 update. Check out his mods.
PxWorld for the video showcase in his Mod Recap - Week 44.