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Rx310 and Marcus666

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Contains several bug's fixes for Skyrim SE

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Unofficial Skyrim SE Fixes

Original mod's authors are RX310 and Marcus666.
I'm taking care of this mod after them.
I'm not sure if it will be any further updates.

♦ Introduction:
This mod was made at first for personal use, but then was uploaded to nexusmods for other users. You can edit it with SSEEdit.

♦ Description:
This mod contain new additional fixes for items and static objects in Skyrim world.
Posible final version. Checked, double checked, cleared from old data. (aug 24, 2019)

Not official fixes. Lore-friendly. Fair and balanced. Harmless. Safe for work.
Compatible with ussep. Tested on TES5:Skyrim SE v1.5.80. Compatible with earliest versions of game.

♦ Installation:
Drop to Skyrim folder or use mod manager.

♦ List of fixes:
- Fixed craft of Iron Ingot (2 Iron Ore for craft 1 Iron Ingot, accordingly to vanilla craft of other materials)
- Fixed health amount of quest's Giant near Whiterun
- Fix of recepies of smelting dwarven items.
- Fix of Redguard Child hair.
- Fix of weight for several items: leather, roll of paper, firewood, quill, doll, dragon scales, dragon bone.
- Fix of weight of some other items, like scrap metal (correspondigly to materials and product of craft)
- Fix of NPC movements speed when sneaking and walking (accordingly to movement speed of NPCs).
- Fix of Couriers behavior (changed from Average to Cowardly).
- Fix of Helgen gate (set to not respawn).
- Fix of Frostflow Lighthouse (doors and items set to not respawn).
- Fix of Dragonsreach's dining tables (restored food on plates).
- Fix of some objects in world, dungeons and caves (coordinates and scale mostly).
- Fix of Alchemist selling lists.
- Fix of Dialogues lines (enemies won't say "Must have run off" about dead opponent).
- Disabled respawn of some unique quests related items.
- ... (see pictures)

Unofficial Skyrim SE Fixes doesn't alter any quests, scripts, behiavor packages or animations.

♦ Other fixes i recomend:
Brawl Bug Fix - prevents bug when your brawl opponent attacking you for real
Hertfires Houses Building Fix - fix of houses building.