Skyrim Special Edition

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Woodcutter, or lumberjack (and also a carpenter, potter, scribe, silversmith, a stonemason, and other crafts)
Simple - with a new woodcutters axe you can cut down trees. ALL trees in game word. Pine, birch trees, dead trees, uprooted trees, some larger bushes, almost all stumps ...

Permissions and credits
Woodcutter, or lumberjack and also the carpenter, potter, scribe, silversmith, stonemason, and many other crafts

Simple - with your newly crafted  woodcutters axe you can cut down trees. ALL vanilla trees in game world (almost all - some objekts are uncuttable). Pine, birch/aspen trees, dead trees, uprooted and broken trees, some larger bushes, also stumps, ... Then you can disbranch tree trunk and get wooden logs.

If you create and place sawhorse, you can made wooden beams and planks from wooden logs.
You can create woodwork workbench and on it you can create furniture. All known sort of furniture in game (you will need Jaxonz Positioner for manipulation). You can also produce dwemer metal and stone furniture, wrought metal container (on the anvil), produces ceramic dishes and utensils (in the furnace / smelter)

Video by Brodual

More? Well - you can rework some clutters to useful tool and create tanner knife and tailor scissors, and with it, at tanner rack, disassembly some armor and clothes and produce fabrics and carpets. You can create scriptorium workstation and copy/duplicate almost all books and scrolls. And all other known "workbench" too, including forge.

Some special? Try "cut down" mammoth skull or ribcage... Or someone in hagraven nests...

As on matter?
- Must have the SKSE extender in the latest version, complete Skyrim (all DLCs) and Jaxonz Positioner Converted (By an inexperienced modder) by SirTurdle
- This Plugin is generally not compatible with plugins that change standard "vanilla" trees and shrubs (due that plugins changes formID of objects).

- You can start at Riverwood - near lumbermill is wood storage (five large wooden logs its an "container", there are more similar around the world) with an axe, axes and other objects you can create on blacksmith workshop, saw around (not just at Riverwood) you can found are two production sites - sawhorse for wood and the "basic" workbench, but it is not a requirement - you can produce axe  anywhere at a blacksmith and other basic things too, some can bee manufacturing on taning rack. Wood (logs) is hard work into smaller pieces and on the boards and beams on the tailstock (Sawhorse, converted are all), objects and furniture is produced in the workbench - there are several variants with different options.
- You can be to "make" the mammoth skull and ribs, some objects from the hagraven nest - mammoth tusks, nets / baskets with taproot, "idol" with deer skull, and also spider "cocoons" (white balls, but not corpses)
- Objects "wooden logs" in inventory look just like sawn logs in the terain, logs in terain can be hit with your axe, transformed and take
- Made furniture and similar items are automatically stored in your inventory, they can be transfered between the player and containers, but it can not be unloaded "in the world" - have been brought "into the world" is automatically changed to the appropriate functional objects that should be further manipulated only by Jaxonz Positioner.
- Includes a plugin Scriptorium - chair with papers placed at the table where one can copy almost all books (including textbooks skin) in the game and scrolls plugin also it includes a decomposer for clothes, Textile Dyeing obtained (can from them then produce carpets)
- Tents can be taken back into inventory - turn crawling and subject you take

Known issues:
- "Trees" often require the "individual approach" - If you can not correct the "first hit", it is necessary to change position and place chopping or felling destination "trees" - Plugin expected to hit the nearest "tree", which is not always the one on which you do you think is closest.
- Flashes of birch trunk when cutting down a tree - a reason still do not know, and I can not figure out the source
- "Delayed reaction" - Systems scripts are quite demanding, sometimes take up to five seconds to react, second delays associated with the collision object on the tree or static object is common.
- uprooted trees and others initially static objects to an unknown reason often "shifted" it's collision object - then it must be found exactly where there it is and chop (text message will be but reliably marks)
- Tree is felled, but not fall down - Slice or shoved into him a few times, they checks vertical strain and responds to the Havok physics
- Falling tree killed you - normal fatal accident at work in the forest...
- An tree "flew to heaven" - physical response of Havok, but they falls down somewhere ... (which can be but an hour) Ditto tree "the climbing" out of the ground ...
- Some manufactured objects may not have "the back or bottom side" - not, as it do not even have objects in the game world (plugin used the same model)
- Do not be surprised, bigger wooden strains are heavy, one or two larger pieces can easily overload you. Well, horse is needed.

Notes: this is a BETA, so, before installing make safe save...