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Discover the fabled sword of which could save the world but harm your bank balance IRL.

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Our next wonderful piece of meh, a tad buggy and unwanted as always content, 'The Sword of a Thousand Truths!' A most fearsome and powerful legendary sword which will surely make you a demi-god and the most feared being in the whole of Skyrim, and most of all totally balanced, immersive, and lore-friendly! Yes you the Dovakinn can now slay your enemies even quicker now, even at lower levels!

Do you dare travel into the reaches of the world on a grandmaster quest set by the Tellgivers? The people of the Harrisai Kingdom weap for their Queen and the Regent Hasley is spreading hate and war throughout the land. Only those who are fearless warriors should attempt to retrieve this artifact (level 1 or over recommended). Reach the tower of dev HQ and gain the weapon from the C.E.O himself. (Creation retrieved through a quest which may vary from description depending on player's imagination).

Any bugs will surely be fixed by our awesome modding community, we are far too busy churning out more content for you guys to enjoy!

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