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This mod add new weapons "Combat Cross" and new enchantment "Magic Whip"
New NPC Companion and Merchant"Sonia Belmont".
New NPC Merchant "Rinaldo Gandolfi".

Permissions and credits
  • Italian
  • German
Castlevania style Combat Cross the Whip Battle Cross
Version: 2.00
Author: xzax
Date 23/04/2020
Category Weapons

*** This mod requires the Dragonborn DLC to work ****


Sorry, I am not good to use English but i will try to explain.

This mod add new weapons "Combat Cross" and new enchantment "Magic Whip"
New NPC Companion and Merchant"Sonia Belmont" .
New NPC Merchant "Rinaldo Gandolfi".

This mod add new weapon "Combat Cross" it same as sword but tiny blade.
You can create by use any forge.

Add new enchantment "Magic Whip".
It can enchant any weapon  except staff.
This enchantment design to enchant Combat Cross.

** Walkthrough ***
***How to acquire a Cross
Combat Cross can create at forge every where with specific type of materials for specific type of Combat Cross.
Combat Cross when created is no enchantment and can use as a sword whith long range.

***How to acquire "Magic Whip" enchantment
-Go to meet Sonia Belmont at Whiterun Hall of the Dead or Rinaldo Gandolfi at Solitude Temple of the Divines.
-By Combat Cross one from that each person each type of Combat Cross what enchantments you want to use.
-Use enchantment table (an arcane enchanter) to disenchant Combat Cross you buy before grants  knowledge of the "Magic Whip" enchantments.

***How to attach "Magic Whip" enchantment to Combat Cross
-When you acquire Magic Whip enchantments go to use enchantment table (an arcane enchanter).
-Enchant Combat Cross with enchantments you have before.
-When enchantmen add more than 2 point of power (one step before minimum of enchant bar).
***prevent Magic Whip effect not show up problem****
If you do correct will see whip hit when attack by Combat Cross.  

Known Issues and Bugs
use "Magic Whip" enchantment to enchant bow and crossbow will not have "Magic Whip" effect.
Use "Magic Whip" enchantment only for double enchant to prevent Magic Whip effect not show up problem.
This weapon make damage in front not a side.

Version 2.0
-Change from sword type to axe type weapon.
-Update Combat Cross models.
-Update Combat Cross textures.

Version 1.01
-Add new Combat Cross
-Dragonbone Cross
-Blood Glass Cross
-Purple Glass Cross
-Winter Glass Cross
-Imperial Cross
-Nordic Cross
-Stalhrim Cross

-Add "Huntsman's Cross" in Helgen Keep interrogation room when you start new game.
(on round table near The Book of the Dragonborn and a bag)

-Change default whip style to classic castlevania.

Version 1.0
-Add New NPC Merchant "Rinaldo Gandolfi" in Solitude Temple of the Divines.
-Reappearance Sonia Belmont.
-Increase weapon range to match with Magic Whip.

-Add more Combat Cross
Iron Cross
Silver Cross
Steel Cross
Dwarven Cross
Elven Cross
Orcish Cross
Glass Cross
Ebony Cross
Mystic Cross
Daedric Cross

-Add more "Magic Whip" enchantment.
Whip [Absorb Health]
Whip [Absorb Magicka]
Whip [Absorb Stamina]
Whip [Banish]
Whip [Chaos Damage]
Whip [Magicka Damage]
Whip [Stamina Damage]
Whip [Fear]
Whip [Fiery Soul Trap]
Whip [Fire Damage]
Whip [Frost Damage]
Whip [Holy]
Whip [Paralyze]
Whip [Shock Damage]
Whip [Hunter]
Whip [Soul Trap]
Whip [Turn Undead]

Manual installation
1. Locate .zip, .rar, or .7z file
2. Unzip it with any program of your choices (winrar, 7zip, etc)
3. Move files "CombatCross.esp" and "CombatCross.bsa" into Skyrim Data folder.
4. Move files in each Whip Type folder to Skyrim Data folder (meshes,textures folders)
5. Enable "CombatCross.esp" in the launcher or any mod manager.

Manual Uninstallation
1. Open the launcher or any mod manager.
2. Uncheck "CombatCross.esp"
3. Delete CombatCross files in
("CombatCross.esp" and "CombatCross.bsa",meshes,textures "Xzax"folders )

Tools Used:

Recommended Mods
***Mod in Screen Shot
Player Cloth
-TERA 男性用ローブ
-K9 armor
Sonia Armor
Butterfly Robes
***I remove that because i not have permission to use it in this mod.
Google can help to acquire that mods.
poloENB v5.0

1. This mod not have quest story?
-Sorry this mod is not have a story quest because my English language is not good.

2. In game not lookalike screen shot?
-I not have permission to publish another person mods that show in screen shot.
 Use any beautiful enchant mod for make your game better.

3. It not a real Whip?
-Yes it a Sword with transparent blade with effect.

4. You use texture from another mod?
-This mod is edit default skyrim meshes and textures. If another mod
change default skyrim textures will effect to this mod.

5. Sonia not sexy?
-Use any beautiful enchant mod for default skyrim race and npc will make her look better (skin, textures, wigs, etc).
-Use any mod that can add item to npc and give her some good beautiful armors.   

Legal and Licensing
Before you use the content first contact me and ask for permission

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks
Thanks to Konami for create Castlevania
Thanks to LordKarnak  for Castlevania Memories First Episode mod it make me got idea to create
this mod.