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A warm, inviting and attractive overhaul of the Bedroom at Windstad Manor.

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This is the second file in a series of files aimed at remaking Windstad Manor. This particular file is an overhaul of the bedroom wing. It was made to match the interior of my other file, Tranquil Windstad, but can of course be used alone. It will change the lighting, image space and music in the house. 

Inspired by the master bedroom remakes by Texelgirl, I wanted to bring to life the boring bedrooms at Windstad Manor. Windows and lightbeams have been added, as well as a functional bookshelf, fireplace with attractive fire lighting, additional storage space and breakfast nook. You can relax here and wind down from the day in style. 

Compatibility: Compatible with any other files that change Windstad Manor, as long as it's not the (West Wing) bedroom. As noted previously, this file changes the lighting and image space to the house, as well as the music to tavern music. But it should be compatible with Improved Hearthfire Lighting.

Load Order: Load after Alternate Start if you have that file installed. Load right before Tranquil Windstad if you have that file installed. If you have Improved Hearthfire Lighting installed, load that file after this one.

How to install: 

1. Install the file. Build the Bedroom Wing at Winstad Manor after you have built the main hall. Enter the house.

2.  Build the double bed, wardrobe and long chest. The second cupboard on the list is optional, but make sure you don't build the wrong one because it will partially cover up the bookcase. Make sure you save your work in case you build something you don't like or by accident. 

3. Build whatever you wish on the exterior, as this file doesn't make any changes to the exterior. 

Enjoy and relax in your new Bedroom!