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Adds several cheats and cheat items to the game.

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Hello. I'm a lazy player. A very lazy player. I don't like having to slog through dungeons, killing everything in my way to get where I want to go, I don't like getting extremely lost, and if I do fight, it's to win, and win fast with overwhelming firepower. Yes, I play the game in god mode.
Why play then? I really do love cruising the countryside and just wandering around and seeing what there's to see. Lazy. Pointless. I eventually get around to doing the quests. Whatever floats your boat, right?
So. Here is a mod to help you be as lazy as I am. If you manage to find ways to use the mod in a non-lazy fashion, more power to you! I've certainly given you enough power to do it.

The first thing to know about this mod are changes to the game settings for jumping.
I love jumping. I jump so much, I think I jump everywhere. Fun! Just call me Hoppity. So with this mod, you can jump 12 meters (over the tops of most of the houses). If you jump straight up and otherwise don't move, you'll hang in mid-air a second, which is actually kind of nice if you're scoping out city streets looking for people. Jumping that high is almost lethal, and if your landing point is any lower than your launching point, you'll probably die, hence (one of the reasons why) I play in god mode.

You will run. Very. Fast.

Critters and Creatures  
Most animals will ignore you. They're still killable, and still kill each other, but to them you're just...meh.


Mark's Amulet - If it's an enchantment, more than likely it's on this amulet. Includes waterbreathing, poison resistance, and fortifications to sneak, pick pocketing, lock picking, and archery.

Mark's Ring - Identical in functionality to the amulet, so if you'd rather wear another amulet, the ring is an alternative. No need to wear both!

Mark's Elven Bow - Ignores normal weapon resistance, high damage, great range. Can potentially kill more than just one bandit or skeever at a time with this.  Best part, no one can use this bow but you!

Mark's Arrow - Does 900 damage, weighs very little, and normal weapon resistance is no problem! It's range? It'll cross Tamriel before you will.

Mark's Scimitar - The fun weapon! Be fast! Be furious! This beauty does 900 damage, 675 damage per second, various enchanted damage, knocks your target back, and is quick to wield. Only you can use it!

Mark's Chest
This contains the stuff mentioned above plus some gold, a few keys, a couple (tens of thousands of) lock picks, and other knick-knacks. You can find the chest in multiple locations:
* Inside the round room in Helgen if you pick Imperial where you first fight.
* Just before you leave Helgen through the cave exit. Chest is on the right along the wall.
* Against the far wall inside the main room of the Riverwood Inn.
* In my player house in the main room to your sharp left and against the wall.
When modders add spells to the game, they usually do it in a lore-friendly way by adding books and such that you have to find in a burned-out barn, buy from a court wizard, recover off a corpse, whatever. By now you can guess I'm too lazy for that. I added the spells below as starter player spells, but they are also available as tomes in Mark's Chest. They will show up if you start a new game. Because they're player starter spells, if you install the mod, start a new game, uninstall the mod, re-install the mod, and play the game again, the spells will be (as far as I know) irretrievably gone. So don't do that.

Note about the summoning spells: They can be tricky to fire off. Hold the cast button down a few seconds.  I will adjust cast speed eventually.

Mark's Fireball - The fun spell for all you maniacally destructive types! Ridiculously powerful! Huge! Destroys your target plus anything behind rocks, columns, and other things in its vicinity! Including you!

Mark's Chain Lightning - Just a tiny bit more powerful than Mark's Fireball but not nearly as fun to watch.

Mark's All-damage Close-Range Spell -  Close-range spell mixing fire, frost, sparks, and a Spriggan swarm just for good measure.

Mark's Ranged Spell - Combination fireball, ice storm, and chain lightning spell. Not as powerful as Mark's Fireball but better against a range of attackers having a mix of magical resistances.

Mark's Invisibility - Provides not only invisibility, but waterbreathing and 50% restoration of health, stamina, and magicka.

Mark's Superior Stealth - Restores health, permits waterbreathing and night eye in addition to making you invisible. Lasts five minutes.

Mark's Wolf Summoning - Conjure a large wolf. The critter hangs around for 15 minutes.

Mark's Draugr Summoning - Conjure a boss draugr with apparent chest congestion. Lasts 15 minutes.

Mark's Candlelight- Bright, lasts 20 minutes.

Mark's Healing Spell - Restores 100% of health, stamina, and magicka.

Mark's Cure Spell - Cures poison, disease, and restores health.

The house included with Lazy Player has one purpose: to function as a teleportation hub to places I can't otherwise be bothered to travel to. The interior is a modified duplicate of Nepo the Nose's house.

So, if you're looking to play house, download a house with all the fixings. I didn't bother with anything fancy. I built a nice one for myself for the original Skyrim, but I'm not bothering to do it again for SE. That was way too much work for how much time I spent in it. If I get motivated, I might make an add-on for this house for some things, but right now there are other mods where people have built very fine, functional homes, and it makes far more sense for you to use those for the game's story and just use mine for transportation.

The main entrance to the house (there are several throughout Skyrim) is located where the path to the Embershard Mine near Riverwood meets the river. If you're facing the river, hang a left and travel a bit up the path, keeping a lookout on the left among the rocks. You'll find a Markarth-style door embedded in a rock. Because the house is sandwiched between the Magic Stones and the Embershard Mine, I didn't bother putting a marker for the house. Grab the marker for either the mine or the stones and you're practically there.

(As of version 0.8.20):
From inside the entrance looking at the doors on the left:
1. High Hrothgar (outside entrance against rock wall)
2. Morthal  (to get to Ustengrav)
3. Volkihar (against the walkway leading to the castle's door)
4. Solitude (on rock wall directly south of saw mill)
5. Markarth (bottom of the steps near the market and city entrance)

From inside the entrance looking at the doors on the right:
1. Winterhold (to get to the College)
2. Riften (under the walkway next to the cemetery)
3. Sovngarde Mead Hall*
4. Dawnstar
5. Windhelm (against an inner wall of the Windhelm stables)

Dungeons - Ustengrav
Ustengrav is the first dungeon so far that I've short-cutted, and I'll probably add more dungeons in the future. By short-cutting I mean I've added teleporter doors inside to get me from point A to B in the dungeon without the need to actually traverse that much geometry.
There is a pair of teleporter doors in Ustengrav where you get the Horn of Jurgin Windcaller. I got turned around in there for 0.3 seconds more than I could stand it, which was about 2.7 seconds. Guess I was being lazy. Anyway, not quite 4 meters on the right just inside the entrance is a teleporter door that takes you relatively close to the dragon wall so you can get your Thum. From there, it's just a (giant) hop up to the next level to run through to the final room. You'll still have to pull the chain and all that to get into the final room.
So when I get the quest, I go to my player house, use the door to go to Morthal, travel 200 meters (or so) north-northeast to get to Ustengrav. Once inside Ustengrav, I enter the first teleporter door, then walk up to the wall to get the Thum, then use my great wonderful high-jumping ability to reach the upper level and then waltz into the main room. Done.