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This mod tweaks the effects and values of the creation club's "Survival" mod to make it more lenient, enjoyable and just overall better.
I originally created this mod because I was annoyed that being peckish reduced weapon speed by 30%.

Permissions and credits
Want to use the Creation club's survival addon without having to eat food every second to avoid slow-motion combat?
This mod tweaks variables and spells in the creation club's "Survival" mod to make it more lenient and enjoyable.

Kudos to NPC for translating this mod into Russian,
and to Alexxonder
 for translating it into German.

Lenient Survival, Tweaks-

  • Hunger increments slower.
  • Exhaustion increments slower.
  • Medium and large food is almost twice as filling.
  • Lighter food is around four times as filling.
  • Hunger no longer reduces weapon speed.
  • Exhaustion affects stamina & magicka regeneration less.
  • Cold reduces movement speed less.
  • Cold, in general, depletes your maximum health 40% slower. 
  • Ver 1.3: Flame Cloak spell regenerates warmth over time. 
  • Ver 1.3: Flame Cloak spell cost reduced from 289 to 170 magicka.
  • Ver 1.3: Around half of the player's warmth is restored upon exiting Bleedout state.
  • Ver 1.4: Health regeneration enabled. Health regeneration is lowered by hunger and cold. 
  • Ver 1.41: Vampire Lord bite attack restore hunger.
  • Ver 1.42: Blood potions restore hunger if you are a vampire.
  • Ver 1.5: Merged the Realistic Vampires file's features into the main file, this means vampire stages are affected by hunger, and only blood. 
  • Ver 1.6: Vampire hunger incrementation set to 0 and food restores hunger again. This mod no longer sets vampire stages. For all- Exhaustion increments slower and regen debuffs are more lenient. Potion & consumables debuff removed. Hunger affects stamina regen instead of health. 

The mod requires the Creation club's mod "survival" and all the DLC that you get upon purchasing Skyrim Special Edition.

This mod will interfere with other mods that alter food replenishing values or variables connected to Survival's hunger, cold or exhaustion stages.

The Restore Carry weight plugin will interfere with other mods affecting the steed stone.

Version 1.5 and Realistic Vampires: This mod does not alter the PlayerVampireQuest and should be compatible with most vampire mods.  However,  depending on your load order, blood potion effects may be overwritten by other mods.

Make sure your character is not suffering from cc Survivals negative effects when installing this mod.
This is to avoid the effects remaining after installing this mod.

I have found that the mod Skyrim Wayshrines has a more reliable solution for enabling fast travel than my plugin. It also has offers an immersive alternative to fast travel. 


Optional plugin, "Enable Fast Travel"-
CC's Survival most likely contains a script that disables fast travel every 6 seconds or so. This file contains a script that re-enables it.
About 10% of the time you might find that you can not fast travel. If this is the case, just close your map and open it again.

Optional plugin, "Restore Carry Weight"-
This is a simple esp that removes the carry weight penalty when enabling Survival. If you are already using Survival you will need to disable it, wait until your carry weight is restored and then enable Survival again. This file also restores the Steed stone carry weight bonus to 100 (from 50), however, you need to activate the steed stone after installing this esp for the value to become 100. Also if you disable and re-enable Survival with the steed stone activated, a script in cc Survival will change the carry weight bonus from 100 to 50 again.

OLD Optional plugin, "Realistic Vampires"-
(these changes are included in the main file of version 1.5)
Realistic Vampires (RV) fuses cc Survival's hunger mechanic with the vanilla vampire hunger system. Now the vampires stage is decided by how hungry the character is.
Well fed to satisfied is stage 1 vampirism, peckish to hungry is stage 2, famished is stage 3 and starving is stage 4. 
Additionally, food will no longer reduce hunger for vampires, blood potions, however, will. 

RV is implemented by firstly removing the vanilla 24-hour natural progression and instead setting the vampirism stage dependent on the cc Survival hunger level. The main vampire quest script remains unchanged, instead, I implemented a script that calls on function in the original script and prevents the natural progressions update function by changing one variable's value. 
If survival is turned off or the file is uninstalled, then feeding will start the original progression system again. 
RV is compatible with the "Better Vampires" mod. RV should come after  "Reasonably Realistic Survival" in the load order. 

If you find any issues when using any of the files, do share. I may be able to improve the file.