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Adds a new female ebony armor set to Skyrim.

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This is the SSE conversion of the Crimson Twilight armor by jmenaru, ported by ousnius.
The original for Skyrim is found here:

The armor's design draws inspiration from a lot of artwork, with my own ideas sprinkled on top.

It comes with HD textures, obviously, it is craftable at any forge, can be improved and can be enchanted. You can find it under the Ebony category. Stats are slightly weaker than the vanilla ebony armor, but it is worth a bit more gold. You NEED the "ebony smithing" perk for it to appear in your forge menu and to craft it.

As always (well most of the time), I have also provided a black texture option. Personally, I don't think it works that well for this particular armor, but it's there for people who may want to try it. Other options are also available.

The CBBE SSE version requires the CBBE SSE body replacer:

To make use of the CBBE SSE sliders, you need BodySlide:


1. Extract the archive.
2. Copy the contents of the archive in your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder.
3. Open Skyrim and enable the Crimson Twilight Armor.esp plugin (or use your preferred mod manager).
*4. If you want the alternative textures, then you still need to have the main file installed.
Overwrite the main file's textures with the texture option.


1. Disable the .esp plugin
2. Delete all files that came with the mod


Thanks to Bethesda for an amazing game
Thanks to The Nexus for hosting this mod
Thanks to Caliente for the CBBE body
Thanks to ousnius for the SSE conversion
Thanks to Natterforme, Rythan25 for suggesting the armor name