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About this mod

Complete unofficial conversion of the excellent "The Book of UUNP" by Gamefever to the new CBBE SE bodyshape. 446 armors/outfits now have bodyslide files to use for your CBBE preset.

Permissions and credits

Due to the scale of this conversion (446 individual outfit conversions!) various outfits will have some glitches, normally related to bone weightings. Some of the outfits will be Physics enabled when they probably shouldn't be. Now the conversion is complete I will begin the process of working through each and every outfit, culling occluded vertices, re-painting weights and adjusting the fit for any sliders that lead to clipping. This will take a LONG time to do, so I will be working on this armor type by armor type.

If anyone who understands Outfit Studio to a high degree, and understands weight painting wishes to assist in this endeavour please let me know. Several people working on this would dramatically reduce the timescales involved in getting this conversion to the highest standard possible. So for fame and fortune ( well free internet points!) drop me a mail if you think you can spare some hours.


Requires both "The Book of UUNP" for SE available here and the excellent BodySlide with CBBE SE requirements.

Please extract and install via your mod manager, fire up BodySlide and build your sets.

Permissions & Credits:

All credit for the Book of UUNP belongs rightfully to Gamefever.

This release is simply Bodyslide files and no assets or files are used or modified from the original mod. As stated in the permissions for the mod:

"You can make bodyslides that overwrite the material found here'in."

Current QA Progress:

All Hide Armor - Checked, tweaked and tested. Should now be near perfect for almost any slider combination.
Daedric Armor - Untested.
Dawnstar Armor - Untested.
Dragonbone Armor - Untested.
Dragonscale Armor - Untested.
Ancient Draugr Armor - Re-weighted all pieces, tweaked and fixed.
Dwarven Armor - Untested.
Ebony Armor - Re-weighted all pieces, more occlusion culling and correct physics.
Elven Armor - Untested.
Falkreath Armor - Untested.
Forsworn Armor - Tested and re-weighted where required.
Fur Armor - Re-weighted all pieces, equipment physics on belt hanging items, fully tested.
Glass Armor - Untested.
Haljmarch Armor - Untested.
Imperial Armor - Untested.
Iron Armor - Untested.
Leather Armor - Untested.
Markarth Armor - Untested.
Orc Armor - Untested.
Riften Armor - Untested.
Solitude Armor - Untested.
Sons of Talos Armor - Untested.
Steel Armor - Untested.
Stormcloak Armor - Untested.
Studded Armor - Untested.
Thalmor Armor - Untested.
Thieves Guild Armor - Re-weighted all pieces, adjustments to mesh, fully tested.
Vigilant Armor - Untested.
Whiterun Armor - Untested.
Winterhold Armor - Untested.
Wolf Armor - Untested.
Mage Armor - Untested.
Nightingale Armor - Re-weighted all pieces for physics, tested.
Blades Armor - Untested.