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An updated Proudspire Manor - Dragonborn Edition 2018 for SSE. Makes the most expensive player home in all of Skyrim worthy of a Dragonborn. Features auto-sorters and completely rebuilt basement. Made with crafter's in mind.

Permissions and credits
Proudspire Manor Dragonborn Edition 2018-SSE

A home designed with crafters in mind

An updated and renovated Proudspire Manor-Dragonborn Edition for SSE.
Makes the most expensive player home in all of Skyrim worthy of a Dragonborn.
 Based on the original concept by Shittakaburi,this updated version updates and modernizes Proudspire Manor-DBE for SSE.


Updated Auto-sorters for all current Skyrim content: Food, Alchemy, Ingots, Ores, Leathers, Misc and more.
Rebuilt Pantry\entrance\Armory\Forge areas
Many vanilla items that other mods utilize as crafting materials now sort for easy storage, ie linen, charcoal sticks etc.
Storage (Non-sorting), for weapons, armors and other important items.
Remodeled basement for easier navigation
New dining room table.
 Single ESP, no more /Data Bloat.

Requirements: Skyrim Special Edition

Installation. *Important!*

Installing this mod is NOT RECOMMENDED, if you have already purchased and upgraded the vanilla Proudspire manor.
If you have NOT purchased PSM in your current game, then PSM-DBE should be quite safe to install.
Installing PSM-DBE *after* you already own PSM could result in numerous graphical errors inside the home.
These are are result of the way the engine handles interior cell changes, and there is no 'fix' for this.
Save game cleaners won't resolve corrupted interiors in these cases. This is an engine issue, and not a 'bug' in the mod.
While it is possible to install PSM-DBE into a game where you already own an upgraded PSM, and see no errors, YMMV. 


Q: Why no mannequins?
A: PSM-DBE will be forever free, of wandering, buggy mannequins that is.

Q: Does PSM DBE 2018-SSE fix the smithy purchase bug? 
A: Yes 

Q: What happened to the housecarl room?
A: Gone, sorry, taken over by crafting area. Jordis is ok with it though. 

Q: Does PSM DBE cost the same as vanilla PSM?
A: Yes

Q: Why weren't the main floor and top floor remodeled as well?
A: Besides adding a more appropriate dining table, the top 2 floors are fine as they are.
The focus of this mod is improving the basement, crafting area\sorting system. 

Q: Are the textures in the pictures included with PSM-DBE?
A: No, those are from Sexy Cities-Solitude Retexture(Skyrim Classic), which is compatible with SSE.
 I recommend Sexy Cites Solitude (Skyrim Classic) both for Solitude and PSM-DBE.

PSM-DBE will utilize texture from any Solitude Re-texture mod you have installed.

Q: Does this require cleaning with xedit?
A: No!

Q: There are two cooking pots in the Dining room fireplace
A. type the following command in console: ~
> prid 3900000 (its really hard to manually target this item)
> markfordelete 03900000 <enter>

Leave PSM, re-enter. Extra cooking pot will be gone

Load Order: Anywhere, should not make a difference in most load orders. YMMV of course.


PSM-DBE, will conflict with any other mod that changes Proudspire Manor.
City overhaul mods that change the location of PSM doorways will conflict. Mods that leave the location of Proudspires entrances the same as vanilla, will not conflict.

Mods with known compatibility issues with PSM-DBE-2016

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul (SFCO).  Recommend installing the Non-ESP Replacer Option.

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