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Adds a low damage blowgun + blowdarts to the game.
Tip your darts in poisons to inflict diseases and put those alchemical skills to use.

Permissions and credits

by Ruddy88

I highly advise people to try this mod with the amazing Crosshair-Aligned Crossbows mod.
I've been advised the new animations work just fine with my blowgun so I encourage you to give it a go and leave Pragasette some love over on his mod page:

This mod adds a new, craft-able, low damage Blowgun to your game, complete with it's own unique ammunition that will auto-equip when the weapon is equipped. It also comes with it's own unique sounds (See notes for sound limitations).
If you do not have any Blow Darts, the weapon will automatically unequip, this is an intended function to restrict it to only using it's own ammunition.

The Blowgun does 0 damage, and the darts do 1 damage (Just enough to cause a reaction on enemies).
It fires silently and is ideal for stealth builds, assassins, or anyone with an aptitude for alchemy and poisons.

The idea of this mod is to create a way to apply poison effects to enemies, such as frenzy, calm, damage stamina or magicka, to create new ways to either avoid combat or prepare differently for an upcoming fight.

I have also included a Poison Rag, it is a craft-able MISC item that when activated, will clean any Blowguns you have in your inventory and remove any currently applied poisons. This is useful for when you're using a mod to increase poison usage as you aren't able to re-apply a new one until the current poison has expired. Using the poison rag will remove any blowguns you currently have and replace them with default ones.
The unfortunate side effect of this is that it will remove the Blowgun from your favorites.

Simply install with a mod manager of your choosing.

The MAIN file will always need to be installed first.
I have included some optional files, these do not use another ESP slot, they simply overwrite things in the main file.

If you use XPMS32 skeleton with BFQ option, you will need to download this optional file and let it overwrite the MAIN file quiver mesh.
If you do not, you will end up with the quiver floating off to the side.

This replaces the MAIN file ESP to incldue some faster values for the dart projectiles. These values are based off the ones used in Arrow and Bolt Tweaks mod.
You do not need ABT to use it, it is purely optional.

The main file uses a mix of 4K and 2K textures with half size normals.
The performance textures will reduce all texture sizes by half for those who want it.

Due to game limitations, I am unable to add a unique reloading sound, so this mod will use the same reloading sound as any other crossbow.
This optional file replaces the vanilla reloading wav file with a silent wav. 
It will remove the reloading sounds for the blowgun, but it will also remove it for all other crossbows.

This mod works fine on it's own, however I personally use it along side two other mods.

Realistic Poison Dosing
This mod increases the amount of uses you get out of a weapon when you apply a poison. I have ported it to Skyrim SE (open permissions)

I also recommend using a mod that increases poison strength.
The mod I have used is Deadlier Poison REMASTERED, unfortunately this was made for Skyrim LE and does not have open permission, you can try convert it yourself by getting it from HERE! or look around for a similar SE mod.

The Blowgun falls under the Crossbow weapon type, it will benefit from the Archery perks.

Due to game limitations, it will be forced to use the crossbow animations. These look fine in first person but do look a little odd in 3rd person, since you are firing it from your shoulder.

Another unfortunate side effect, is that I cannot apply a unique reloading sound, so it will continue to use the vanilla reloading sound as any other crossbow does.
I have included an optional file that replaces this sound with a silent wav file, but this WILL apply to ALL crossbows.

Big thanks to CRAGie and Ghostifish from Nexus Discord, they have both helped me along the way with advice, troubleshooting and little favours here and there.

Thanks to the team in Beyond Skyrim's training academy for up and coming modders.

Thanks to the guys n gals on the Skyrim Mods & Modders FB page, for putting up with my constant posting and brain storming.

Thanks to everyone else who showed interest and helped me along the way, this is my first ever custom mesh made from scratch so I hit a few bumps on the way as expected.

This mod started as a training exercise and was never originally intended for release, as such I was not consciously thinking of permissions on assets used.
I have done my best since to review the resources used, but if anything has slipped through the cracks and you recognise something that belongs to use please do not hesistate to let me know. I will be happy to either credit or work something out, or even hide the mod until I am able to remove any traces of your asset. 
I am a big believer in abiding my mod authors rights of ownership and in no way meant to infringe or try to claim ownership of someone elses work.
That said, I am fairly sure I have kept to royalty free or original resources to the best of my ability.