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Located Northwest of Karthwasten, right next to Bthardamz, is Ralendam Estate, a (mostly underground) Dwemer-style player home. Complete with custom storage containers for nearly everything (No trophy racks though, sorry), each type of crafting station (both interior and exterior), and some nifty valves for turning the fireplaces on and off!

The previous owners of Ralendam Estate have both met untimely ends, but only one of them has the key to the house. There should be a note on the front steps that gives you a bit more insight as to where they might be...

Only incompatibilities I can think of are those that would take up the same spot as this house would. 
And for moving your family there I would recommend using Custom Family Home as opposed to Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions (since i haven't been able to get the latter to work with the house just yet).

Thanks to:
- Lolikonyu for Lolicept Resources
- Jokerine for Jokerine's Misc Resources
- My Brother, My Brother, And Me for keeping me sane through the modding process