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The Magicka Transfer spells are a small collection of Magicka based spells which allow the Dragonborn to transfer some of their Magicka to others, at a cost. At Higher levels the spells will no longer be at cost, this is due to how Skyrim handles costs at levelling. You could say this is due to the Dragonborn's improvements in the area of Restoration and Magic allowing him to gather Magicka from the air to use in this spell. :)

This mod includes three spells and their books, along with Magic effects based on the vanilla targeted healing spells.

Magicka Transfer - Stream:
10 Magicka per second to target.
Magicka Transfer - Charge
75 Magicka to target. 
Magicka Transfer - Burst
100 Magicka to Area.
Magicka Transfer - Rune: 150 Magicka to Area.

The spells can be found at various spell vendors, the spells are levelled at restoration 25, 50 and 75. They can also be found randomly or from looting.

NOTE: Due to this mod being created for use with Skyrim Together, it is more worthwhile to use this mod in addition to ST. This mod will function in SinglePlayer however, but due to how the NPCs function will have a very limited use.


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