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Adds a large and carefully decorated basement to the player home of your choice. Along with all of the standard amenities the basement has portraits that teleport you to all-new dungeons and mini-games, 50 new enchantments, 32 new alchemy ingredients, anvils used to create special blessed items, and other new features.

Permissions and credits
This was one of my favourite house mods/new enchantments mods, so with permission from the awesome Sparky88101, it's now converted to SSE! Enjoy!. Original mod page is here 
I may in the future create an AIO version, but I make no guarantees.

All mesh, texture and plugin files are Optimized for SSE.

This is v1.1 of the original mod, however I left the 1.1 notes in the description purely for information, original page description below!


Player Homes Re-imagined

This mod adds a large and carefully decorated basement to the player home of your choice. It can also be added as a new player home. Along with all of the standard amenities, the basement has portraits that teleport you to all-new dungeons and mini-games, 50 new enchantments, 32 new alchemy ingredients, anvils used to create special blessed items, and many other new features. By default, the basement is added to Lakeview Manor. If you would like the basement added to another home simply choose that file in the "Files" section. I hope you like it!

Descriptions of recent updates can be found at the end of this giant wall of text.

Quick Overview


Major Features:
Functional Player Homes

This mod turns any of the player homes into the base of operations you deserve. The basement adds an alchemy table, enchanting table, farmland, smithing/smelting/tanning/workbench area, treasure room, cooking area, and organized storage areas. There’s a Dibella-themed bedroom for all of your weird inappropriate needs, or even for sleeping if you’re a normal person. If don’t want to work for the new gloves and enchantments check the Cheater Chest by the bed for all of the new items in one place. You can add the basement to the supported homes and/or use the new home Aedra Abode found in the Silent Moons Camp. 


One of the largest issues I run into in Skyrim is that I collect a whole lot of stuff and don’t have a proper way to organize it. The main focus of this mod is to address that issue with labelled and organized storage spaces for virtually everything. Everything in the basement is safe storage unless specified below. In the basement you will find:
-Wardrobes labelled for items like robes, shoes,and other clothing items.
-Safes for every vanilla type of armor and weapon,separated into enchanted and unenchanted areas.
-Baskets for soul gems and chests for items that you want to enchant.
-Boxes for alchemy ingredients, created potions,and different categories of potions.
-Strongboxes for each type of jewelry, once again separated into enchanted and unenchanted areas.
-Organized bookshelves for various literary items.
-Containers for random items such as keys, food, Daedric Artifacts, Thane Rewards, Dragon Claws, etc…
-And much much more. 

New Areas and Mini-games 

I know exactly what you’re thinking: “Why doesn’t Skyrim have a house with pictures that I can jump through like in Mario 64?” That very question has also plagued my Elder Scrolls experience. Well fret no more my friend! In the hall to the treasure area there are 6 completely original world spaces that can be accessed by jumping through the pictures. More to come in future updates. 


Contains large farm with everything you need to cook and grow your own crops. This tranquil island has storage for all of your cooking, baking, and farming needs. There are over 40 functional planters, two fish hatcheries, an apiary (bees), and a collection of domesticated cows, chickens, and spriggans with new ingredients to loot. Nearby is a small island with a Mudcrab Overlord and his minions that you can defeat to earn new enchantments. 

-Skeever Maze

Navigate through a large maze full of massive angry skeevers! The risks are great, but the Divines look with favor on those who can brave this trial. The area contains an overlook to help you map out your path, weapons with the Offensive Divine Enchantments, and shrines to each of the Nine Divines.  

-Platform Jumper (Warning: Difficult and requires Whirlwind Sprint shout 2 or higher)

Learn the twisted story of Bujinar the notorious Skybear Smuggler and his levitating band of scoundrels! Bujinar has discovered the long-lost secret of levitation and is using the knowledge to poach the endangered Skybears from the skies of Tamriel. Can you use your dragon shouts to match the bandits’ flight and end their illicit activities? Find out in this Mario-inspired platform jumper mini-quest! Don’t forget to search through the Skybear Smugglers’ Headquarters at the top.  

-Skeleton Dungeon (Warning: Difficult)

The theme of this dungeon is “Skeletons with way too much health”. It’s for those times when you just want to slash at something over and over and over again for the satisfaction of beating it to death. At the end of this small dungeon you will find the legendary Armor of Death, a massively overpowered armor for when you just get that irresistible urge to slaughter an entire town with no consequences. 

-Dodgeball Arena

A fun mini-game where you use a specialized bow or spell tomes to battle it out with bandits and Thalmor. They will stay on their side of the arena, so use your skill and weapons in a to-the-death dodgeball game with great rewards for the victor. Instruction manuals for dodgeball and the bowling alley are found on tables through the portal. If you fight your way through your opponents you can earn necklaces enchanted to increase the power and duration of spells. 

-Bowling Alley 

A room with large bottles, cups, and statues arranged as bowling pins. Use Whirlwind Sprint to knock them over or practice your ranged attacks on the various targets set up around the room. If you search thoroughly you will find a hidden container with disenchantable circlets and rings holding the enchantments of the Dragon Priest Masks.  

New Enchantments and Ingredients

Ever wanted to role play as a ghost? Barge through a bandit camp surrounded by a wall of fire? See in the dark, cast more powerful illusion spells, or punch a dragon to death? Of course you have! And now you can! Most of the new enchantments are simply wearable versions of spells, racial powers, perks, or previously non-disenchantable effects. This mod adds a total of 48 disenchantable effects: 

 9 Offensive Divine Blessings (most do not scale): 

Wrath of Akatosh: Paralyze (scale-able), small chance to instantly kill
Wrath of Arkay: Turn undead, fire damage, soul trap
Wrath of Dibella: Fire damage and shock damage
Wrath of Julianos: Absorb health, magicka, and stamina
Wrath of Kynareth: Fire damage, shock damage, and frost damage
Wrath of Mara: Stagger, small chance to instantly kill
Wrath of Stendarr: Frost damage and shock damage
Wrath of Talos: Stagger and dragon damage(scale-able)
Wrath of Zenithar: Fire damage and frost damage 

 9 Favors of the Divines:

Blessing of Akatosh: Slow time 
Blessing of Arkay: Casts a “Guardian Circle”where the wearer is standing
Blessing of Dibella: Flame cloak
Blessing of Julianos: Resist fire, frost, shock,and magic damage
Blessing of Kynareth: Animal pacify
Blessing of Mara: Become ethereal (cannot take damage or deal damage, any attack or shout breaks the blessing and the item must be re-equipped)
Blessing of Stendarr: Storm cloak
Blessing of Talos: Battle Rage (Deal double damage and take half damage)
Blessing of Zenithar: Frost cloak 

 Fortify Magic Enchantments:

-Fortify Destruction Power
-Fortify Illusion Power
-Fortify Restoration Power
-Fortify Conjuration Power
-Fortify Alteration Power 

 Dragon Priest Mask Enchantments (Do not scale, same as vanilla effects but can be disenchanted):

Krosis’ Subterfuge
Volsungs’ Guile
Nahkriin’s Dark Sacrifice
Hevnoraak’s Fortitude
Otar’s Will
Morokei’s Favor
Rahgot’s Tenacity
Vokun’s Mastery
Konahrik’s Privilege
Bromjunarr’s Mystery 

 Other New and Exciting Enchantments: 

Fortify Enchanting: It never made sense to me that plants can improve your enchanting but mages never figured out how to do it.
Enhanced Cowardice: Double backstab damage
Super Sexy: You are absolutely fabulous! (And get a small fortify barter effect)
Arch Mage’s Blessing: 100% spell cost reduction for Alteration, Illusion, Conjuration, and Restoration. Destruction spell cost reduction scales with enchanting power.
Avoid Death: Once a day, restore 250 points of health when your health is low
The Boxing Frog: Breath underwater and do an insane amount of unarmed damage (default is 5000) for punching those pesky Elder Dragons to death when you’re just tired of their sassiness. From excessive personal experience I can tell you that OHKOing a dragon with a punch to the face is incredibly satisfying. 
Clairvoyance: Shows the path to the current goal
Dog’s Day: Find 10 more gold wherever gold is found
Circle of Protection: Repel undead from wherever the caster is standing
Invisibility: Become invisible, if invisibility is broken the item must be re-equipped
Locksmith: Open average or lower locks
Night Vision: You can see in the dark
Phantom Visuals: Wearer takes on a ghostly appearance
Stagger: Stagger enemies and push them backwards 

There are also several items with non-disenchantable effects throughout the basement. For example, there is a pair of gloves dedicated to each of the divines that allows you to activate special blessed anvils. These gloves cannot be disenchanted but are used to activate the Blessed Anvils. 

New Ingredients:

Introducing crushable gems! In the alchemy area you will find a Fairy Box with all of the new ingredients. Most of them are crushable versions of soul gems (unfilled and filled) and valuable gems (regular and flawless). The crushable gems can also be crafted at a nearby Blessed anvil using regular gems. There are also Skybear Claws, Skybear Teeth, Chicken Feathers, and Chicken Beaks. Each of these ingredients mirrors the effects of its counterpart, so a Diamond and a Flawless Diamond have the same effects. They can be combined to discover all of the effects of both, with the Flawless
Diamond having stronger effects than the Diamond and filled Soul Gems having stronger effects than regular Soul Gems. The new alchemy effects introduced by the ingredients include Fortify Shout Timer and extended versions (up to 2 or 4 minutes) of effects such as Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Enchanting. 

Other Features: 

-Combine small soul gems into bigger ones!

In the alchemy area there is a special blessedanvil that you can use to craft soul gems and filled soul gems. Simply equip the Gloves of Arkay and go for it! You can craft anything except Filled black Soul Gems. 

-Combine small potions into bigger ones!

You can combine smaller potions into larger ones using the same method used to combine soul gems. Currently Kynareth has granted you the power to combine health, magicka, and stamina potions but future updates will support more potion types. These effects are exclusive to the anvils in the basement and do not work elsewhere in Tamriel. 

-Blessed Anvils

In addition to the powers above granted by Arkay and Kynareth, each of the other seven divine beings grant a unique reality-bending power. You can create potions infused with powerful divine blessings, duplicate ores, create weightless jewelry, or forge a special armor overseen by Akatosh. You can also commune with the Daedric Princes to fill black soul gems in exchange for an offering. Each effect is explained in-game in a book found by the smelter. 

-Fairy Boxes

Any box or container labelled “______ Fairy,” “Cheater Chest,” or “Box of Gifts” is not safe storage. Instead the Fairy boxes provide small respawning gifts such as alchemy ingredients, septims, and soul gems.

-Boxes of Gifts

These are small presents from me to you because you’re awesome. Some of them are intended to make moving into the basement easier, like the Essence of Giant potion that massively increases your carrying capacity for a few minutes so you can carry your stuff into the basement. There are also plain and enchantable versions of various armors, including:-Blades Armor-Thieves Guild Armor-Nightingale Armor-Shrouded Armor-Jester’s outfit. The other boxes contain items from my previous play throughs or weapons and armor made by request. If you don’t want them just ignore them, but none of the requested armors can be disenchanted. 

-Upgradable Rings and Sandals

Ever hate that you have to have at least one piece of armor on your outfit to not die? Me too. This adds a light armor ring and a heavy armor ring that can be improved at a workbench, leaving you free to equip your clothes as you see fit. There is also a pair of upgradable wedding sandals. The materials for upgrading these items can be found in the Smithing Fairy Box. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I install more than one basement?
Yep! You can install one version for each house. Each file is self-contained so if you want to have six farms you can have six farms.  

Why do I have to install multiple .esps to have multiple basements? Can’t you just make an MCM menu you lazy bum?
No. No I can’t. Believe me I tried and it’s a good thing I had my files backed up because I absolutely destroyed the working file. If someone would like to help me with this I would really appreciate it, but I have no idea how to do it. 

It should be compatible with nearly everything.The exceptions will be major Breezehome overhauls for the BreezehomeStorage files or anything that alters the same spot as the basement door. 

Load order
Doesn’t matter. I keep mine near the very bottom of the load order. If you like to group similar mods together you can just stick it near the end of other player home mods you have installed.  

Known Conflicts
None, any that are found will be added here. 

Either use the NMM or extract the .bsa and .esp of your choice to your data folder. To uninstall just go to your data folder and remove the .bsa and .esp files you installed or use the mod manager. Remember to clear out the basement of any stored items before you uninstall. 

Skyrim and Hearthfire. And you have to be awesome, but you look like you’ve got that covered. 

Are the new items added to any leveled lists?
No, you will not find them in the world outside of the basement. I wanted to keep the mod self-contained and avoid messing with any leveled lists. 

Talos isn’t divine you heretic. He’s a fraud.
Get out. Get out now. I could go into a really long rant about how using the Blood of Talos opened the portal to Mankar Camoran's Paradise in Oblivion, basically proving that Talos ascended to divinity, but you aren’t worth my time. Take your elf problems and get your ugly Mer face back to the Summerset Isles. 

Can you add the basement to [insert your preference] house/area?
Yes I can! Just post the request in the requests forum and I’ll get it up ASAP.  

Will there be any updates?
Yep! I plan to update this as frequently as possible. The next update will include a hall of mannequins on the way to the treasure area and [Done!] several more portraits to jump through. There will be an expansion on the Skybear Smuggler plot and a land of giants. I’m really excited about the dungeon with a horse named “Pinata” that you can beat to death to loot candy. 

Uh… the tiny part of me that is socially aware realizes that that sounded psychotic. There’ll be a new farm area with more critters and plants. So there! I don’t hate animals. 

Why is your mod so awesome?
I couldn’t have done it on my own. A big shout out to these wonderful people:
Oaristys and Tony67: Modder’s Resource Pack
Tamira: Assorted Resources
Tamira: Static Dishes and Food Resource
Lilith: Ready Clutter and Furnishings
Blary: Potion Shelf Resource
Blary: OpenBooks Resource
Blary: Booksets Resource
Blary: Ingredients Wall Art Resource
Blary: Ingredients Drawer Resource:
Artisanix: Paintings and Frames
Elianora: Elianora’s Extra Resources
yourenotsupposedtobeinhere: Rug Resource
Stoverjm: Open Books Library:
Ps46183 and Galadreal: Platter With Goblets CupsModders Resources

I’m sure that there’s at least one person I forgot, but I think that’s everyone. My notes are an absolute mess so if you see something that I failed to credit please let me know and I will correct it right away. 

Mods used in the screenshots:
Warzones 2015 for the capes
Achieve That 

Finally a shout out to GalexPk and the Lakeview Manor Alchemy Cellar. This awesome mod is what inspired me to make mine. They are compatible so if you’re looking for the perfect Lakeview Manor you should install both.

What if I want the enchantments and ingredients but I’m role playing as a hobo and can’t own a house?
Excellent question! The ingredients and enchantments have been added as a separate mod “Sparky’s New Effects”.  

Where are the entrances to everything and what are the coc commands?
The console command “coc [area’s ID]” allows you to teleport to that area.

Lakeview Storage:
-coc BYOHHouse1FalkreathStorage
-The trapdoor is added to the left of the main table

Windstad Storage:
-coc BYOHHouse2FalkreathStorage
-The trapdoor is added to the left of the main table

Heljarchen Manor
-coc BYOHHouse3FalkreathStorage
-The trapdoor is added to the left of the main table

-coc BYOHHouse4FalkreathStorage
-The trapdoor is added to the left of the fireplace as you enter

Proudspire Manor
-coc BYOHHouse5FalkreathStorage
-The trapdoor is added on your left about 10 steps after you go through the lower entrance

Aedra Abode (New player home) 
-coc BYOHHouse6FalkreathStorage
-Fast travel to the Silent Moons Camp. The trapdoor is in the first hut on your right as you charge at all the bandits. 

Narf narf narf! This mod is overpowered and narf narf and lore and narf narf narf muh immersion narf!
If you abuse the features of this mod you can be overpowered. I don’t deny that. But I did try to balance it as much as possible and the end game items will require a ton of gold to obtain. For example, the infinite gold trick can only be used if you’ve already gotten almost half a million gold anyways. At that point any more gold is just a laughable addition. Please take some time to remember that Skyrim is a video game and video games are supposed to be fun. Just show some restraint when enchanting and alchemying and it really won’t affect your immersion OCD that much. Don’t equip the armor
of death if you want a fair fight and don’t immediately combine all the Crushable Gems if you want to level slowly. 

Can I use your stuff in paid mods?

No. Nearly every resource I used is a part of Forever Free. If you like my mod I would appreciate it if you went to the pages of the resources creators and tell them how awesome they are. They made some really amazing things. 


Please message me first if you would like to do anything with my files. There's a really good chance that I'll say yes, but I'd like to be in the loop. If you want to add the basement to your own player home mod just let me know.

 Known issues
In a mod this large there are bound to be issues. I’m working to fix them and would appreciate any help.

-Sometimes the mannequins will move, phase through their stands, or take weird poses. This happens most often in Aedra Abode and Proudspire Manor or if you coc into the basement. It's an issue with the way they are programmed as NPCs in vanilla Skyrim. There are a couple of mods you can download if it bothers you but sometimes the poses are pretty funny.

-Followers may not follow you into the basement. If this happens you can use the console command "player.placeatme [follower ID]" and they will appear next to you and follow you into the basements from that point on. The area is navmeshed.

-The effect Phantom Visuals has a timer despite being a constant effect. I think this is a leftover from the enchantment’s original role as a potion effect. Just ignore it.

-Slow Time does not always slow time. It has the visual tint of the Slow Time shout but sometimes doesn’t make people move more slowly. 

-If you try to coc into the Skybear exterior you will end up in the water several miles from the platform jumper. You need to use the portrait to enter it.

-The Skybear exterior is bright, especially at midday and while using the Become Ethereal enchantment. It’s playable but may give you a headache as you climb up it. Also working on it.

-The Fish Hatcheries will have a lot of respawning fish when you first enter the area that continue to respawn regardless of what you put in the hatchery. This is only a problem if you care. Otherwise it's just free fish.

-One potion shelf’s activators is a little janky.

-The Standing Stones in the Dodgeball Arena grant a blessing. Specifically they all grant the same blessing because they aren’t actually supposed to grant one. Just ignore it because it’s not helpful for the dodgeball game.

-When putting on a pair of Divine Gloves you have to first remove whatever gloves you are wearing. This is not a glitch, this is just how Skyrim works. 

-If [Insert Enchantment] doesn’t scale it probably isn’t supposed to. Enchantments such as Clairvoyance and Invisibility may need to be re-equipped constantly.

Update 1.1:
You do not need to do anything special to install the update. You should save beforehand just in case, but updating the mod will not remove anything that you have stored or changed in the basement.

-Added 80 or so safes to the area between enchanting and smithing

-Added a hall of mannequins and displays on the way to the treasure area (I know they sometimes glitch, see known issues)

-Added a portrait that teleports you to Whiterun (onto the roof of the Drunken Huntsman)

-Sort of fixed the Followers not following problem (See known issues)

-You can update to the new version of Aedra Abode 1.1 if you previously had Aedra Abode 1.0 or Aedra Abode More Storage

 Special Thanks!

-Thank you to my brother for checking the mod. 

-Thank you to 4chan’s TESG and Reddit’s Skyrim boards. You were 1% helpful and 99% derogatory insults telling me to reconsider my sexuality, but I did include some of your input and requests.

-Thank you to Bethesda and Steam for existing and allowing me to jumble all of your hard work around.

-Thank you to Nexus for giving me a place to post this.

-And a huge huge thank you to my wonderful fiancée, for encouraging and putting up with me during the hundreds of hours I put into this even though she doesn’t understand Skyrim at all. I couldn’t have done it without her support and affirmation. 

Thank you for reading! I know this is long but really there are a lot of features. Let me know what you think in the comments.