Nightweaver's Band - Not Stupid Edition by Patman3030
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Nightweaver's Band - Not Stupid Edition
by Patman3030

Recipe for Disaster was probably the most disappointing quest in the Dark Brotherhood questline, and the worst part of it was the reward. No summoned assassins or seeing into the future here. Just a crummy ring easily outdone by garbage you find at the end of a dungeon. So I went into the CK and made the ring what Festus lied and said it was to begin with: a little extra "oomph" to your stealth and spells. The ring now adds 25% damage and subtracts 25% cost from all your destruction spells - but only while you're undetected. The 10% sneak boost has been increased to 15%. I also added a fancier model, courtesy of Ghosu.

Post any bugs in the comments. I'm by no means perfect.

Stats and implementation by Patman3030
Model and texture by Ghosu

No idea why you'd need to use this for anything, but if you do just give proper credit.