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Restores cut vampire abilities, and optionally restores "hated at stage 4" from vanilla Skyrim. Version 1 BETA.

Permissions and credits
New version uploaded without stage 4 vampire hate.

Beta version, testing is extremely limited so far! I label this as a beta due to limited testing.
This is a loose script for modifying player vampires.
Quick testing indicates the script works as intended, abilities get added and removed as intended but it is unknown how this reacts with vampire lords.
Sorry about no screenshots but there is little to show.


Did you know Bethesda removed a couple of vampire abilities during development of Skyrim?
The abilities cut are "Dread Cloak", a stage 3 vampire Greater Power that is functionally like a Frost Cloak; and Vampiric Strength that adds 5/10/15/20 unarmed damage, depending on your stage. Dread Cloak is listed in UESP, here.
And Dawnguard removed stage 4 vampires from being hated and attacked on sight.

This small mod restores those three features.

This is very vanilla vampire mod. If you felt vampires needed something extra or were missing it, perhaps this is it.

This mod is not compatible with any mod that modifies playervampirequestscript.pex... which would be more or less all vampire mods.
This should be compatible with mods that modify existing vampire abilities without modifying the vampire script.
Contains USSEP's changes to the script, so fully compatible with that.

Installation (manual):
Extract the contents of the file to your ...\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\ folder.
Afterwards, Data folder should have folder "Scripts" with playervampirequestscript.pex inside.
If asked to overwrite, you have an existing vampire mod and this mod won't be compatible.
Contains no .esp

Uninstall (manual):
Remove the file playervampirequestscript.pex from "Scripts folder". Do note that I have no idea what happens if you do this during an existing save. At very least, you should not be a vampire while you do that.

This mod is merely a modified playervampirequestscript, based on Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch's modified file (from USSEP version 4.1.0). Edits are literally limited to removing comment marks from certain lines. All thanks to Bethesda and Unofficial Skyrim Patch team for making it in the first place.

Future additions?

I planned to add some extra abilities, namely waterbreathing (vampires are undead...) and "Frostwalker" that would allow waterwalking and would buff frost spells. The idea comes from Immortal Blood in-game book that suggests Volkihar vampires have abilities relating to frost magic and are capable of attacking through ice. I figured that perhaps the abilities are stories only but have some truth to them: Namely Volkihar vampires being gifted with frost spells and occasionally attacking from underwater or while walking on water.
But I find the Creation Kit frustrating and difficult to deal with, and I am not sure if I will ever add those abilities. We shall see.