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We have made it to the TOP 5 Hot files people! Thank you so much for your continued support!

After many pain staking hours, I finally bring to you.... The Aetherium Arsenal mod!

The mod includes the following

1 Aetherial RII Bow
1 Aetherial RII CrossBow Rifle
1 Aetherial RII CrossBow
1 Aetherial RII Dagger
1 Aetherial RII Sword
1 Aetherial RII Greatsword
1 Aetherial RII Battleaxe
1 Aetherial RII Axe
1 Aetherial RII Hammer
1 Aetherial RII Mace
1 Aetherial RII Shield
1 Aetherial Circlet (Non-enchancted version of the Aetherium Crown)
1 Set of Aetherial RII Arrows
1 New Ore Type
1 New Ingot Type
Dozens of Magical Staves!

Some major differences from guilmonex's original mod include:
~No pistols. Not lore friendly.
~Ore can only be found in dwarven ruins. Or made by a new transmutation spell!
~Weapons/Shield can now be crafted at the Aetherium forge, but you need crafting supplies to make them. So come prepared.
~Stats are on par with Daedric items.
~Quest not needed to craft! You just need the Daedric Smithing perk!

How do you get these new items? Craft them at a forge! Or use the console to spawn them in.

None atm.



Q - Will this ever be on Xbox and/or
A - Never. I will never deal with ever again. So console users are out of luck.


guilmonex - for Permission to port this mod to SSE
Mahty - Thanks for creating the original mod.
pascaliedema - Thanks for the custom sound to go with this Dwarven crossbow Rifle.
lautasantenni - Thanks for your aetherial sword mesh.