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Unofficial upgrade to Hypothermia by n1t0r providing a widget, immersive notifications, full configurability, easy localization, the ability to save and restore presets, enhanced support for RealShelter and campfire mods, bugfixes and extensive documentation.

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I. Summary

Hypothermia Plus makes Hypothermia fully configurable, provides a widget and immersive notifications, supports other mods' shelters, tents and campfires (incl. Real Shelter by ThreeTen and Campfire by Chesko), lets you save and restore presets, makes localization a breeze,includes extensive documentation and fixes all issues of the original mod.

Version 1.17 SSE alpha features are described in the changelog.

II. Required Files:

Hypothermia for Oldrim by n1t0r
SkyUI 5.2SE alpha by Schlangster & the SkyUI-Team
PapyrusUtil SE by exiledviper & meh321

III. How to install:

  1. First install SKSE64 2.04 alpha, SkyUI 5.2SE alpha and (oldrim) Hypothermia by Nitor.
  2. Unzip Hypothermia Plus into Skyrim's Data folder, overwriting anything.Or let NMM do that for you.
  3. Should work out of the box, though starting a new game is recommended.

IV. Features:

Features of version 1.17 SSE alpha are described in the changelog.

- In-game notifications -

- Saturation info.
You get notifications about your char's saturation ("I feel completely dry / damp / wet / dripping wet / totally soaked") depending on your char being saturated by up to 25%/50%/75%/100%. No more checking the spell effects tab multiple times.

- Ambient temperature info.
Every time ambient temperature has changed by at least 2 degrees Celsius, you get a notification ("Feels really hot / nice and warm / almost warm / fresh / quite cool / cold / frosty / icy cold here") depending on ambient temperature being over 25 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 5 / 0 / -5 / -10(or less) degrees Celsius. By default notifications include ambient temperature in degree Celsius and wind-speed in km/h. By design ambient temperature does not consider fire's warmth, warming drinks, meals and such. You are provided with information you need and don't get from anywhere else. You will still have to decide for yourself whether you should look for shelter / make a fire / build a tent etc.

- Core temperature widget.
A small widget in the upper left corner of the screen indicates falling (blue) and rising (red) core temperature. The widget is invisible as long as your char's core temperature doesn't change, so most of the time.

- Notification on beginning hypothermia.
You will get informed, when (mild) Hypothermia begins and when you are ok again. No info for moderate and severe hypothermia, since both of them show obvious symptoms.

- Complete configurability.
You can configure everything. You can easily save, load and share your settings. Save your settings during playthrough A and reload them for playthrough B. Now also available in the SSE version!

- Written Guides -

Hypothermia MCM menu documentation. Every setting is explained in detail.

Hypothermia Survival Guide for Beginners. How to survive with default settings. Facts. Formulas. Almost everything you might want to know about Hypothermia! Pdf-file. Learn about Skyrim's climate system as introduced by Hypothermia, and what to expect during your next journey.

- Compatibility-Patches

- Implemented Real Shelter support - though Real Shelter is not yet available for SSE
Works for rain, snow and wind. Improved shelter detection. When entering a shelter, you won't get wet any more. Windchill-based rise of thermal conduct is reduced when standing under a shelter.

- Implemented support for Chesko's Campfire - Complete Camping System's fires and tents incl. SDK.
Crackling and roaring campfires give the fire's warmth buff. If you already use my patch for Hypothermia and Campfire, you won't need that one any more. Frees a plugin slot. Campfire's tents supported! Leather tents 100% waterproof! Fur tents add great amount of insulation.

- Implemented support for (upcoming?) SSE versions of Camping Lite by McGuffin and Campsite by Kinaga
Campfires and tents are supported. Leather tents 100% waterproof! Fur tents add great amount of insulation. Since entering Camping Lite's and Campsite's small tents is not possible, just stand (or crouch) directly in front of their entrances to be 'sheltered'

- Fixes -

- Implemented standard wind-chill formula
as used in Canada, U.S. and U.K. New formula considers temperature besides wind-speed: When it is warm, you won't notice wind-chill very much at all, but the colder it gets, the more noticable wind-chill will become.

- Fixed bug in the original mod ver. 1.5.
Some of the ambient temperature calculations were skipped. Temperatures must have been way too high especially in cold and northern regions. Whoever changed Hypothermia's default settings, because everything seemed way too easy, might reconsider using defaults.

- Changed temperature buff on pleasant days (+5 C by default).
Buff is canceled out from 19.00 until 7.00, reduced by 2/3 from 7.00 till 9.00, and reduced by half from 17.00 until 19.00. Nights with clear skies are not warmer than overcast nights. They tend to be cooler.

- Fixed minor bugs in the original mod.
Air temperature buff in some areas of Eastmarch was not applied due to wrong coordinates. Water temperature buff in some areas of Eastmarch was not applied due to wrong coordinates. Added a check for worldspace in the water temperature buff section of Hypothermia script.

- Fixed log spam.
A missing check for interiors in HypoPlayerListenerScript and some 'left over' code in Hypothermia.pex caused log spam. These issues are fixed by Hypothermia Plus. These are the bugs that were adressed by Bystander's (Oldrim) Hypothermia 1.5 Patch; you do not need his patch when using Hypothermia Plus

V. Credits

n1t0r for Hypothermia v1.5
Schlangster & the SkyUI-Team for the wonderful widget (flash-file) and the papyrus code to make that whole thing work.
Robinsage and ThreeTen for Real Shelter
Chesko for Campfire - Complete Camping System
McGuffin for Camping Lite
Bystander (because without his patch I had never installed Hypothermia)