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Give NPCs or objects any name you want.

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This mod and all of its requirements are in alpha/beta - Do not use it on anything/anyone or a save you can't afford to loose



NPC names will revert if you remove the mod. They're not permanent so it needs to be active in order to reapply them on game load
Object names will generally revert too but there are exceptions
Renaming a non-unique NPC, basically any randomly spawned, may rename every NPC of that type
Sometimes saving and reloading the game is required for the name to be visually updated
If the NPC has already had it's named changed through the use of a quest alias it's permanent and cannot be edited by this mod. 
A NPC with a changed name in one save may have it in another as well if you load it during the same session. This is just the game using a cached renamed version to speed up loading. Restart Skyrim and load the game again if it's distracting.

These are game limitations many even mentioned on the CreationKit wiki and not likely to be fixed. At least not by me.

Approach NPC / Object until the current name shows
Bring up menu
Enter new name

For NPCs or objects who already have a new name registered the option to remove it will appear in the menu as well

UPDATING FROM 0.10.0 -> 0.20.0
Due to expanding the registry to support both NPCs and objects plus a lot more of them there are two things to keep in mind. First, since it's a new system all the names assigned by 0.10.0 will be gone. Second a "clean" install is required. This means disabling the mod, save with it disabled and then install the new version.

To use the hotkey option you need SkyUILib or the popup won't show. You may already have it if you're using converted Oldrim mods since many have it bundled.