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Adds Ruin's Edge, an enchanted bow originating from the Shivering Isles. Strikes from the bow have unpredictable negative effects on its target.

Also includes a short quest (by modding standards, not by CC standards) to obtain the bow.

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This mod adds Ruin's Edge, an enchanted bow originating from Dementia In the Shivering Isles.
Also included in this mod is a short quest which will bring you to the Shivering Isles to do a good deed for an old friend.

The Bow:

Ruin's Edge has a Unique appearance and enchantment. Its base damage is equal to that of an Ebony bow.
You can obtain the bow by completing the quest "Have a Nice Trip".

Base Damage: 17
Weight: 15
Speed: 0.6

Enchantment: When the bow strikes its target it has a random enchantment.

How to use:
Step 1 - Nock arrow
Step 2 - Aim for knee
Step 3 - Fire

You can find a List of possible effects here: (Hidden for those who don't wish to ruin the surprise)


The Quest:

Requirements: The quest will not start until you have completed Sheogorath's Daedric quest "The Mind of Madness"

How to Start: So you want to start a quest eh? Maybe first you should take a nice stroll up to Dragonsreach in Whiterun, you really look like you could use the exercise.  But be careful, I hear those steps can be treacherous this time of year!

Q: Where do I find the bow?
A: Read the description.

Q: How do I start the quest?
A: Read the description.

Q: Why can't I pay you for this mod?
A: Because I don't suck :D

Q: Why won't the quest start?
A: Have you finished Sheogorath's Daedric quest?

Q: But what if I want to pay you for this mod?
A: Then you aren't very bright.

Q: When do I get your first born child?
A: Is that you Molag Bal? I told you, you'll just have to wait!

Q: Take My Money!
A: NO! >:(

Change Log:
1.1 - Fixed an issue where the BSA had some erroneous assets that could override vanilla ones
1.2 - Fixed Facegen bug

Also be sure to check out: Stendarr's HammerChrysamere, and The Staff of Sheogorath!

Modder's Note: This mod is 100% unrelated to the Creation Club paid Mod "Ruin's Edge". This mod is also freehas a real quest, and has a more interesting enchantment. Enjoy. :)