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Assigns a mesh and texture folder to each race so you can modify bodies and textures for one race without changing the others.

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Tired of all your races having the same amount of body hair? Want to give some races more defined muscles or curvier bodies? Frustrated at having to choose between gracile elves and robust orcs? Then this is the mod for you.

UMATBR (Unique Meshes And Textures By Race) allows you to assign specific body meshes and body textures to each playable race (and elders) by creating a unique file path for each race. The meshes are found in data/meshes/actors/character/[race] and the textures in data/actors/character/[race]. To make a race use files from a specific body mod, simply copy the .nifs into that race's mesh folder and the .dds files into that race's texture file.
This mod is inspired by Unique Everything by angelmeats for ClassicSkyrim and 0acme0's Custom Body, Skin, Clothes and Armor for all Races (for SSE).

This mod does not contain any meshes or textures, only the folder structure and the .esp to use this folder structure. You must add your own meshes and textures for this mod to work properly.

Installation: manually drag the contents of the mod into your data folder. This shouldn't overwrite anything, can be easily undone, and will have no effect until you active UMATBR.esp.

Next, manually place the meshes you'd like to use for each race into their specific folder (found at data/meshes/actors/character/[specific race]). Then add the textures you'd like to use for each race in the same way (data/textures/actors/character/[specific race]). Activate UMATBR.esp and all races should now use the files in these specific folders. Deactivate UMATBR.esp and they will go back to using the files in the default folders.


This mod does not contain any meshes or textures. Using this mod without adding your own textures and meshes to the relevant folder will give everyone an invisible body.

Every folder must have the necessary textures or meshes. This mod overrides the paths used by each race, so any empty folders will lead to invisible body parts or purple skin.

This mod does not contain any textures or meshes. When you first install this mod you will have to copy textures and meshes from your "male" and "female" folders (or from the folders of whichever body mod you want to use) into the specific race folders, otherwise your bodies and meshes will not appear. Look at the "shouldcontain.txt" folder in each of the folders to see what files should be present (and be aware that the argonian textures and meshes use different file names).

less important

This mod uses the Breton meshes for afflicted characters. This mod also uses the "afflicted" textures stored in the Breton folder. Move your afflicted textures (hands and body, the head uses the default location like all other head textures) to your Breton folder. As far as I know all afflicted characters ingame are Bretons, so this was the simplest and best solution. If there are any non-Bretons that use the afflicted meshes or textures, leave me a comment.

This mod also adds textures for Elders (Old People Race). The game treats certain old characters as being part of their own race, so I've included the ability to modify their textures and meshes. These characters are all either supposed to be Nords, Imperials, or Bretons, so keep that in mind when assigning textures. If enough people complain about not being able to find good elderly meshes and textures (forcing them to make all the Elders look like musclesexy twentysomethings) I'll release a version of UMATBR that makes them use the vanilla textures.

What this mod doesn't do:

This mod should not touch face textures and head meshes in any way. 
That means these files should be kept in their default folders (or the folders established by another mod) and means this mod should be compatible with any mod that alters faces and heads. This is done for compatibility, ease of use, and to hopefully avoid issues with facegen. 
Many of the default face textures will be stored in folders like "argonianfemale" and "argonianmale." Because this mod simply uses the folder "argonian" for body textures, it's easy to see which files contain body textures and which contain face textures, and also helps to eliminate clutter among loose texture files (at the expense of adding more folders to actors/character).

This mod doesn't touch armor meshes or textures. If a race's body meshes are too different from vanilla (or whatever armor fit replacer you use) it will be apparent the armor is fitted to a different body. If all your meshes are similar enough, just use one of the armor mesh replacers for specific body types (most focus on the common UNP and CBBE variants). Having used a wide variety of body meshes for different races, it's my opinion that the difference between the naked body and the body in armor is not typically noticeable while playing, but you may be more particular about this kind of thing.

If you are interested in a mod that lets each race use its own armor meshes, look up 0acme0's Custom Body, Skin, Clothes and Armor for "all" Races.

This mod doesn't touch skeletons. Skeletons will either be in the default location or wherever they've been added by another mod. This mod should be completely compatible with different skeletons, but let me know if you have any issues. [I'm talking about the skeletons for bodies, not the spooky scary skinless kind you find in crypts, although those are also untouched by this mod will have no compatibility issues.]

This mod doesn't touch tails. All tail files will be in their default locations or wherever they've been added by another mod.


This mod does not overwrite any default files or use the same file paths as any other mods(as far as I know).

I'm not aware of any compatibility problems, but for certain mods you will need to manually move files. If you install a body mod through a mod manager it will typically put the files in the default "male" or "female" folder. Either copy those files from that folder into the folder(s) for the race(s) you'd like to use those files or just install those files manually. If you're using a program like BodySlide that puts the new meshes directly into your default Male/Female mesh folder, simply copy-paste those created files into the folders of the races you want to use them.

If you use any other mod that overrides race-specific texture and mesh paths (for example, Grimoas Plantigrade Feet for Beast Races or Breastless Argonians (both fantastic mods, by the way)), simply have those .esps load after UMATBR. 

This mod should have no compatibility issues with custom race mods, unless those mods store their files in a folder in actors\character that uses the name of one of the default races. As long as those custom races use either their own folders or the default Male and Female folders there should be absolutely no issue (but if for some reason you do have an issue, let me know).

I suspect this mod might have problems with at least some features of mods like RaceMenu (such as the full body tattoos), but I can't test that and see their implementation because I don't know of any similar mods available for SSE.

To uninstall, simply deactivate/delete the .esp. Delete the race-specific folders in meshes and textures (only actors/character/[race], not actors/character/[race]female or ...[race]male since those folders are not added or used by this mod). Since these [race]folders are only used by this mod it would be safe to leave them in your data folder after deactivating the .esp and they would not be used in your game in any way, deletion is only to save space on your hard drive and to reduce clutter.

This mod is very simple and does not use any scripts, so it should be completely safe to uninstall at any time.

If every character's body is invisible or purple, it's most probably because you didn't put (all) meshes in the mesh folders or textures in the texture folders.

If only one race has a missing or purple body part, check the file name and the "ShouldContain.txt" file to see if that race uses a different filename. If this mod isn't using whatever filename is listed in the "ShouldContain.txt" folder, please let me know in the comments. 

Every body part for every playable race should be included in this mod, so if you're familiar with SSEEdit you can see which file the mod is incorrectly using instead of whatever is listed in the "ShouldContain.txt." If you're not familiar with SSEEdit, don't fret, just leave me a comment about the issue and I'll try to fix it ASAP.

If you're having dark/pale/wrong/gray/grey faces, please deactivate UMATBR and see if they still appear or if they're being caused by another mod. I haven't had any issues when testing this but I can't test every case, so your feedback is important.